The Blue Adpet

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Book Reviews

Blue Adept

Blue Adept by Piers Anthony

327 pages

The second book in the Aprentice Adept series

Well we learned in the first book that Stile had discovered the world of Phaze, a parallel universe that mirrors the world of proton, but filled with magic rather than technology. Stile it seems has an enemy in both worlds trying to kill him off for some crime he has no knowledge off. Well it turns out the oracle of Phaze told the Red Adept that Stile would kill her so she launched a campaign to kill him first. She did so by crossing the curtain trying to get rid of him in both universes.

Lucky for Stile however he has friends on both sides that are willing to help him out.

Everything is parallel. In the world of Proton there is the tournament in which style must compete to not only save his life but ensure his continued existence lest he become exiled from Proton, while in Phaze he must battle against the Unicorns in olympic style games in order to gain advantage in that world to beat his enemy.

Stile has a unique form of magic that relies on music and rhymes to cast spells. His music has the power to change the very nature of existence and the world around him. This musical magic however only works in the world of Phaze. I love this concept because music in our world has much the same quality. Music can be used to express very powerful realities, get into the very essence of what it is to be human. Music can express the very deepest of our fears, and loves and capture the extremes of our inner most emotions and feelings. Music can inspire one to good or evil and be used as a tool to unite and bring about changed and is virtually universal. All cultures across the world and throughout history have used music to mourn, celebrate, inspire and drive social change. Every olympic games have celebrations that start and end with music and dance. In a very real sense music, like in Phaze, is quite magical and can have a profound impact on the world around us. And Ultimately it is through Stiles music the he has gotten that much closer to defeating his enemy.

Stile has not won yet however and has only now been able to identify his enemy and gained only a slight advantage over her. He still has much work to do as his battle is not yet over. The fate of both worlds depends on his success for failure.

I will say however that the description of the games on Proton and Stiles competitions can get a bit long and mundane. While I certainly understand the role these games play in the overall story they lack in the area of reading excitement. There is a lot of play by-play which at times simply put was not that interesting to read. I am sure piers Anthony could have come up with more exciting descriptions or games to play out as part of the competition that Stile has been going through but seemed to have failed, at least for me, in this respect.

Overall however He has done a great job of merging fantasy with science fiction in this story of duality of worlds. He has woven a tail from two different genres and done so quite well in a way that flows nicely and keeps the reader going wondering what happens next. I really am enjoying this series.

I give this book 6.5/10 book worms

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