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So as I have always suspected paper books are better than E-Readers and science agrees. I recently came across an article on this and wanted to share it with all my readers.


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The Dragon Reborn

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Book Reviews

dragon reborn

The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

Book 3 in the Wheel Of Time

675 pages

“The Wheel of time turns and ages comes to pass. What was, What will be, and what is may yet fall under the shadow.”

To start out this volume in the series, the Children of the Light are continuing their plot to eliminate all opposistion to the light as they see it and gain global domination. However the Lord Captain Commander, Pedron Niall, does not want Rand dead, where as before he always wanted anyone claiming to be the dragon reborn dead. He has charged Carridon, a questioner of the children of the light to keep Rand alive. However Carridon who is a dark friend is torn between 2 conflicting orders, A Mydrall who wants Rand Dead and Pedron Niall who wants him alive. How can he fulfill both orders without disclosing his true loyalties?

Rand meanwhile leaves the camp of the Dragon. Within this camp there are Shienarans, Perrin, Lan, Moraine and Min. The Trollocs attack the camp which prompts Rand to take off on his own in a bit of a temper tantrum. And naturally Perrin, Lan, and Moraine head off after Rand in an attempt to track him down and find him.

Rand meanwhile has headed off to Tear to retrieve Callendor, the sword that cannot be touched in a desperate effort to bring an end to trouble he has been through. He feels it is the only way to end what has become a living nightmare.

Meanwhile at the white tower in Tar Valon Matt has been healed of the tainted blade and gets sent on an errand to deliver a letter from Elayne to Queen Moragse of Andor. Using a secret letter from the Amyrlin he escapes Tar Valon and finds himself meeting up with Thom Merrilin.

Egwene, Elayne and Nyaneve take off chasing the black Ajah after receiving a ring that allows Egwene to visit Tel Ariod Rhiod, the world of dreams. They to find they must head to Tear to find the black Ajah. Little do they know that Perrin, Moraine and Lan are also headed there, chasing after Rand.

Over hearing that Egwene, Elayne and Nyanave are being hunted while delivering the letter to Morgase, Matt soon finds himself heading to Tear as well to rescue and save The girls.

Rand is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is in fact the Dragon Reborn. Though he did not declare himself he let others declare him. As much as he hates the idea he is coming to accept that he is in fact the Dragon Reborn as he comes into his powers.

One character that keeps popping up is Selene. I have to honestly say that I love the mystery behind her character. She shows up in the story and plays a role that is not clearly defined. No one really knows who she is or what side she is one. The mystery of her character certainly made for an intriguing read and part of the story. I am still trying to figure out what role she plays.

Matt has continued his struggle to come to terms with his ability to talk to the wolves and the wolf dream but is starting to accept and work with it.

I love how this book ends with the climatic battle at the stone of Tear. The climax at the end certainly did not disappoint in this volume and I would have to say made for one of the best books in the series thus far. The build up to the end was quite effective and you knew where it was going. The build up leading into the climatic ending was effective not because you know it was coming but because the execution was so well done that it leaves you eagerly anticipating the final battle in this volume.

One thing I found interesting about this book is that While it is titled The Dragon Reborn there really was not a lot of focus on Rands story. In fact until the end Rand played such a small roll in that he was not in the story directly but rather he was part of the story more by reference by the other characters rather than being in on the action itself. Lots of references to him and the effects of his passing through the different areas of the book. Normally I would think this is a bad thing. After all how can it be called The Dragon Reborn and the dragon have little to no presence in the story itself. This book however did and amazing job of keeping him out of the story while effectively still making the story about him. Very well done. To be honest in a way I think that may be the best part of this book which covers the whole book itself. Very well written and defiantly worth the read.

I love how the climax leaves you thinking that it must be all over, but then you learn that it is only just beginning.

Overall I would give this book a 9/10 book worms. Wonderful read and worthy to be included in any fantasy fans book collection.