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Posted: June 25, 2013 in Book Reviews


The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar wild. Published in 1890.

I don’t normally read Literature or books from this time period, however the concept of this story intrigued me when I first heard of it so I thought I would give it a try.

This book has an intriguing story line and the words of song come to mind to describe this story which say

“Let me tell you about a story, about a man consumed with vice, Its theosophical in nature and hedonistic in disguise”. The story is about as you may have guessed a man by the name of Dorian Gray and his picture.

Dorian after meeting the artist Basil Howard has his portrait painted. While this is being done he meets a man named Lord Henry who recognizing Dorians immense beauty and opens his eyes to the fact that while his portrait will remain young and unaged, in the prime of its life so to speak, he Dorian would age and not be young or have his youthful energy forever so he better enjoy it while he can.

Wishing never to lose his youthful beauty and to enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer he makes a wish on a whim that his portrait might age while he remains young and healthy and full of beauty. Thinking his time is short for his youth, he embraces life’s pleasures and joys with vigour and passions leading him down a path of sin, vice and evil.

It’s not long before he realizes that his wish comes true, and like the saying says, be careful what you wish for because it might come true. What at first looks and seems like a blessing soon becomes a curse. As his portrait soon begins to reflect the evil and sin that afflicts his soul. He is becoming racked with guilt and terrified that someone might learn his secret so he hides his portrait away lest someone begins to see the true nature of his soul.

Dorian decides to change his life for the better, but by then it is to late

This book gets you thinking, if you could see in a picture of yourself, the effects on your soul of every decision you make, would you hide it away in a desperate effort to hide your true colors, or would you use it to help you make better decisions in your life.what would you change if you could see a true relflection of your own soul.

The ending took me by suprise, I was not expecting it to end in the way that it did and quite abruptly as well. make a great end to the story and unpredictable which is what I like best

While the wrighting style at times is not that fast paced and a bit descriptive and to be honest boring, it is in my opinion and great story told over all quite well and most defiantley a recommended read. I certianly enjoyed this read and would recommend it for others. A story with a lesson that we all could use. I give this book 6.5 out of 10 bookworms





Posted: June 14, 2013 in Book Reviews


The Gate Thief by Orson Scott Card

This is the second book in the Mithermages trilogy and as of yet I do not know the release date on the 3rd and final volume on in this series

If you enjoy the Percy Jackson series of books by Rick Riordon then you will enjoy this set of books by Orscon Scott Card. It follows a young man named Danny who discovers he has the abilitys of long lost antient Gods. Specifically he is a Gate Mage. These ancient gods are mages with such amazing powers the peopled worshiped them as Gods. As a Gate mage he has the ability to connect any 2 points in the universe and transport any one or anything there instantly by creating this gate between the 2 points

This story ties in religious and biblical history and connects the ideas and bibilical theoloyg to the characters and the plots and makes a very good explanation of theology in a fantasy setting.

Passing through a gate not only heals a person of any ills or injurys but going through a great gate multiplys one powers nearly significantly. The differnt mage familys are now fighting for control for this great gate, including danny’s own family, where some want him dead, others want him alive so they can control him

Overall this is a good read and it keeps you interested in the story. Back on the mages home world the plot continues to take shape as well as the war to save both worlds begin.

This is a good and enjoyable read, though those that dont like preachy books at time may find to much religious association in some parts of the book.

The book keeps you interested and wanting to know what happens next. It wraps up well but leaves you wanting more . Not a Cliff hanger but wondering how the story finishes and you will be sure to be intersted in the next volume. I know I am

I Give this book at 7.5 our of 10 bookworms


Written by Terry Goodkind this book takes us back to the beginning of the sword of truth series of books. We hear the story behind the forging of the Sword of Truth and how magda becomes the first Confessor.

Anyone who has read the sword of truth will certainly enjoy this book. If you have not read any of the sword of truth books This would be a great way to start the series from the very beginning

Magda, Widow of the first wizard Barracus, after the apparent suicide of her husband finds herself caught up in a nightmare of conspiracy and a evil enemy capable of possessing both the dead and the living, seemingly impossible to beat, and undetectable

while much of the book goes into explanatory passages that may not be to everyone’s personal enjoyment or preferences for a writing style, it serves the important purpose to understanding the story and the reason for the characters motivations. It also helps set the stage and gives a much wider understanding of the story without having to have a 2,000 page story to tell everything else you need to know to understand what is going on.

A writing style that is easy to follow while still giving a reasonable level of complexity, it keeps you wanting to read more, wondering what will happen next. Short chapters keep you interested so you don’t have to feel bad about putting it down in the middle of a chapter when you don’t have a lot of time.

the overall story line is predictable in many aspects and events, with not a lot in the way of unforeseen plot twist or events. The title of the book gives away who Magda is so you know going in that she becomes, as the title says the first confessor.

The fun in this story is finding how she becomes the first confessor and what drives her to become the first confessor.

Her story is a good one, and until now we only knew that she was the first confessor. we have heard so much about her but did not really know who she was till this book was published.

The story wraps up nicely in the end feels like a good ending, while at the same time leaving it open to more storys to be written following these characters. The war with the emperor sulachan from the old world is left no where close to being over. Plans were put in place to end the war and we still don’t have all of barracus story which is alluded to several times with regard to his visit to the temple of the winds and what he saw there.

overall a good and enjoyable read, and as usual Terry Goodkind does not disappoint.

I give this book a 7.5 out of 10 bookworms