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Rage of a Demon King

Posted: July 18, 2016 in Book Reviews

Rage of a Demon King

Rage of a Demon King: Book 3 of the Serpentwar Saga

by Raymond E Feist

572 pages

It took way to long to read this book. But that’s what happens when demons send their Pantathian priests after you and they send a curse upon your rendering you incapacitated into a deep sleep for a week unable to continue on with the story you so desperately want to finish. Luckily I was saved by a beautiful magician of Stardock who removed the curse, revived my mind and body and enabled me to continue on this adventure and finish the book. (That beautiful magician is my wife who is a miracle worker god bless her)

Book 3 of the Serpent War Saga and things finally start to get interesting. Not that the last 2 books were boring by any means. This book starts out face paced and high energy, taking you right into the thick of things. The war has finally come across the sea and Erik is charged with defending the lands from the invading hoard of Saur warriors, and legions of mercenary fighters led by what is believed to be the Emerald Queen. This is a war they Have no chance of winning. They are badly out numbered and all they can hope to do is hold them off as long as possible as they stage a retreat and allow all citizens to evacuate and flees the war zone.

Pug In the meantime, along with Miranda, Nakor, Calis, Thomas and crew are working to end the threat as they know that the demon king, who is disguised as the Emerald Queen is after the lifestone and they must guard the stone while it is destroyed to prevent this demon from getting it. Their journey takes them through the very creation of the universe and the Gods. As they search, and learn what they need to learn they discovered where the Gods themselves get their powers and how their strength is derived directly from their worshipers.

I really liked the concepts this book deals with when it comes to God’s and religion and how these forms of faith give power to the divine of which they worship. And also how the worshipers in effect create the Gods.

“The Gods are both real and illusion. They are real in that they exist and exert force over this world and our lives. They are illusion in that they are nothing like we perceive them to be.”

“Forces exist in nature, and we interact with them. As we think of them, some of them become what we think”

“Think of ancient humans, huddled in a cave and contemplating the wonder of fire. On a cold, wet night, it’s their friend and a source of life. They give to that fire a personality, and after a while they worship it. Then that evolved into the worship of the spirit of fire, which in turn becomes the god of fire….. And when enough people worship the energy begins to manifest certain aspects, certain attributes that match the expectations of the worshipers”

“Man creates the Gods”

In the world of Midkemia these Gods become a reality and literal divine beings of creation via the worship and thoughts of those who worship them. Perhaps in the same sense our gods are created in the same way. The entire Serpentwar is in effect a battle between the God’s of Midkemia and the destruction and chaos caused by such wars.

This is by far the best book of the Serpent war Saga and I absolutely loved it. Fast paced, high energy, lots of action. Some shocking revelations and some great theological story lines as well. Loved every part of the book And would recommend it to anyone, just make sure you read the first two, Shadow Of A Dark queen and Rise of a Merchant Prince first as they really set the stage for this book which reads like the climax of the entire story arch of this series. It is however not the end as book four is up next, Shards of a Broken Crown

I give this book 9/10 book worms!


Posted: July 1, 2016 in Book Reviews

rise of a merchant prince

Rise of a Merchant Prince: Book Two of the Serpentwar Saga

By Raymond E Feist

436 pages

In the last book Shawdow of a Dark Queen our friend Roo, also known as Rupert Avery was determined to become the richest merchant the world has ever seen. He has earned his freedom and has started his merchant business. Like he always said he would, he married a homely daughter of a rich merchant and became his father in law’s partner in business. His business partner is murdered and a feud between Rupert and sons and Jacoby and sons starts as both battle for control of the world markets.

Erik in the meantime is across the sea in Novindus seeking, hunting and destroying the Lizard Queen’s people, or snake men. While there Erik and company discover that there is a third player in this war that is even more dangerous and deadly than the threat of the lizard men. All the while the Emerald Queen is preparing a fleet of ships to carry hundreds of thousands of soldiers to krondor to conquer the world.

Pug has returned to stardock and is aware of the threat at hand. His story line however is yet to be highly involved but rather just an observer at this point but the need is growing.

Roo’s Character and his story is an extremely heavy focus within this book, however given it is about his rise to being a merchant prince that is to be expected. The problem with Roo however is that he has great business sense but not marriage sense. It seems that the idea of a marriage is a undiscovered country to him. Roo did not marry for love, but for business. He has 2 children with his wife but basically ignores them throughout the book.

What seems to be happening with Roo however is he is growing as a husband and father. Towards the end he starts to show some signs or indications of affection for his children at least. Throughout the story you can see and feel Roo’s struggle with this relationship. His wife’s pain at her husbands neglect is also shown through the writing and I feel that was done quite well.

Roo is a good man but lost and not knowing where to go or how to handle the situation. He seems to have no feelings for her or his kids but wants to do right by them.

Now that he has become the richest man in the kingdom he is set up to help the crown with the coming war. The prince of Krondor has personally contracted Roo to provide gold beyond the likes of which the world has ever seen.

This was a really good read and enjoyable. I do believe however we could have had some more time spent on Erik’s and Pug’s story line. Not a lot more but more for sure. This book was about 80% Roo and 10% Erik and 10% Pug. Both story lines deserved more space in the book. Doing a 60/20/20 split would have worked just as well I believe. That is really my only criticism of this book. The next volume I am sure will prove to be just as good however.

I give this book 7/10 book worms. Mostly for its strong character development surrounding Roo and his rise in the business world and personal development in his personal family life.  I eagerly look forward to the next volume.