Posted: March 6, 2017 in Book Reviews


Juxtaposition: Book 3 of the Apprentice Adept

Stile has secured his position as the Blue Adept in the world of Phaze and won the tournament on Proton securing his place as Citizen Stile and no longer a member of the slave class of Serfs. The only problem is that it seems he has very few if any allies and the rest of the Citizens on Proton and the rest of the Adepts on Phaze are still trying to kill him.

The Oracle it seems has prophesied the destruction of Phaze unless the Blue Adept is destroyed never to return to Phaze again. This Makes things a bit difficult for Stile, considering the destruction of Phaze also means the destruction of Proton as well. Both worlds are out to kill him he cannot survived in either one it seems and yet he must.

Each world has its source of power, On Proton it is the Protonite, on Phaze it is the Phazite. Both are the same element but one provides energy and the other provides magic. The extreme mining of Protonite has depleted Proton and brought and imbalance to the worlds which are juxtapositions to each other. This has created a imbalance which will lead to the destruction of the worlds. In order to restore this balance Stile must transfer a rather large amount of Phazite across the boundary curtain to restore the balance so that each world will have an equal amount of this element to keep both worlds in balance. Doing so will fundamentally alter the reality of both worlds. The worlds are beginning to merge into 1 before their final destruction and time is running short.

It turns out the Oracle is actually a computer that had crossed the boundaries between worlds and had been manipulating events on both sides of the curtain in an effort to restore the balance. This super computer oracle had set things in motion seeking to eliminate Stile. It must find its way back across the curtain to Proton, but of course because it is a computer it cannot move on its own so it must somehow bring the curtain to it.

Sheen becomes almost a real person thanks to the help of the Brown Adept who is just a child but can animate non-living things. Since Sheen is a robot she normally would not function in the world of Phaze but does now. As a Robot she is able to study the book of magic (which is kind of like a google for magic) and learn everything she needs to know to help her friends, making her the most powerful magician in the world of Phaze.

This overall was a fun series to read. And I really enjoyed the conclusion to this story arc of Stile and friends. Having a virtually 4 front battle between Phaze Stile allies and enemies and Proton Stile allies and enemies made for entertaining climatic final conclusion to this story.

The only critique I might give is that the final solution seemed to come about 2 easy. The prophesies of the oracle were fulfilled but how that came about seemed to be quite simple in the end. It would have made it more interesting with more challenges in the end when it came to bringing the phazite across the curtain. When all is said and done however it was still a great read and thoroughly enjoyable. Fantasy and science fiction seems to work well together in this series and certainly would recommend it to anyone who is a sci-fi fantasy fan.

I give this book 7/10 book worms.

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