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Dragons of Summer Flame

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Book Reviews


Dragons of Summer Flame by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. A Dragon Lance novel

This story like all the others take place in the world of Ansalon on the Continent of Krynn. Usha a child of the Irda, Steel Brightblade a knight of Takhisis, Palen Majere a young wizard of low rank and little power and Raistlen Majere a Black robed wizard and Tasslehoff Burrfoot a kender all merge in this story of the Gods at war.

The sun is burning hotter than ever before on krynn as the forces of Queen Takhisis make war with the forces of Paladine, each side has an army of knights and dragons at there disposal.

Palin, a wizard of low rank and his party of knights is ambushed by Steel Brightblade and his army of knights of Takhisis and there fates are joined,  Steel who takes Palin back to his home to fulfill a debt of honor to his family promises his commander that he will return with the wizard as his prisoner. After visiting Palins family they head to the Tower of Palanthas and must pass thorugh the Shoiken grove, a forest of trees that fill you with terror and despair, very few make it through and live.

At the Tower of high sorcery in Palanthas Palin and Steel meet up with the Kender Tass and usha child of the Irda. Tass and Palin enter the abyss through the portal meet up with Raistlin who they thought was dead a long time ago and by chance witness a meeting of the Gods. here they learn that Chaos has been let loose on the world and the fate of all mankind hangs in the balance

I wont tell you any more the synopsis as you will have to read the book to learn more. Hopefully I have not given away to much in this summary

Like all other Dragon lance books, this story has simple flow that is easy to follow. For those that have read the other dragon lance books, it has the characters you will recognize and have enjoyed reading about in the past.

The down side to this book is that it is a standalong single novel that I found takes quite a while to build up to the climax and then nearly abruptly comes to a resolution. I found that it had to much build up and not enough come down at the end. I was fully expecting that the story would not end in this volume and would leave you begging for more. Instead I got and end that seemed almost to easy to end and resolve, almost like the authors were thinking, this story is to long lets just wrap it up.

The good, despite that it had a good story flow and for the most part left me wanting to continue the story and see what happenned next. which may be why I was dissapointed in the quick resolution of this stand alone novel. Overall well written and enjoyable read.

i would give this book at 6/10 book worms