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Posted: January 30, 2017 in Book Reviews

krondor tear of the gods

Krondor: Tear of the Gods

By Raymond E Feist

365 pages

The Guild of Assasins, the Nighthawks has been dealt with, and just when you think your troubles are over, well of course they are not. The evil forces which have been wreaking havoc across the land have not given up the fight. The tear of the God’s, the most sacred of all that is sacred to the temple of Ishap, is being shipped by boat to Krondor. The Tear is vital for magic and communication with the Gods to work and contains great power. Only those of the most sacred highest order of Ishap may come anywhere close to it.

The ship is raided and sunk, but that does stop our main rival in this story, A brute by the name of Bear from trying to get his hands on it. Bear is protected by a magical gem he wears which prevents him from coming to harm or magic from hurting him. He has gathered his own little army to retrieve the Tear of the Gods in an effort to become a God himself. But of course he is merely a minion of a greater and much more evil power than he himself.

Prince Arutha Dispatches his Aide to all things magical Jazhara, as well as Duke James, aka Jimmy the Hand,  A warrior Priest of the Temple of Ishap and William and his band of military men to hunt down Bear and Retrieve the artifact.

This book brought with it something I have not come across in the world of Midkemia before Which for me at least brought about a nice little change from the typical kinds of villains and evil minions. Our heroes find themselves battling Vampires and a dark occult priest who has raised them from the dead. I thought this was actually pretty awesome as Vampires are not typically involved in this kind of story or fantasy world creation. Necromancy is nothing new but this element of it within the world of Midkemia is new. It was a nice change from the expected.

This story is filled with evil death magic, demons, occult worshiping possessed priests, grotesque sliced up and patched worked together monsters of the worst kinds imaginable, human sacrifice to demonic gods and mysterious old lady witch/god chicks. In short everything you love in a dark fantasy novel.

This book while part of a short trilogy still works well as a stand alone novel as there is not much in the way of references or ties in to previous books in the series or Midkemia as a whole.

If you like dark occult demonic fantasy then I think this just might the book for you. Well worth the read for sure and gets a decent rating at 7/10 book worms.


Posted: January 22, 2017 in Book Reviews

krondor the assassins

Krondor: The Assassins

By Raymond E Feist

350 Pages

In the last book the plot line of the Nighthawks coming back in force was beginning to build up but there was not a lot of focus on that part of the plot line or story.

Krondor: The Assassins is pritty much entirely focused on the Nighthawks and their secret lair in a abandon fortress in the desert. Prince Arutha and his trusty side kicks Jimmy the hand and William, son of duke Pug set out to find this hidden lair and march forth with their army to destroy the Nighthawks.

Seems simple enough right. A well-trained army going up against a small bad of assassins in a former military base. What could possibly go wrong. You know except for dark occult necromancers, demons being summoned via human blood sacrifice, Shadow assassins that can’t be harmed by any weapons known to man, predatory animal possession being used as weapons etc…  Easy. Right?

Well, naturally not so easy as that. But this challenge certainly makes for some dramatic and exciting story telling. As usual Raymond E Feist does not disappoint. Every step of the way there is something happening that brings the reader excitement and adventure with every page. Our heroes are left without the advantage of magic on their side but going against the darkest and most occult magic they have faced. It seems that Pug, the worlds greatest magician is nowhere to be found and our characters must battle these challenges on their own.

Someone is trying to start a war and wreak havoc and chaos. The dark forces true motives and plans are yet to be revealed as magicians all around Krondor are being killed off one by one. But I supposed as usual they probably are looking to destroy the world which seems a typical objective in these fantasy novels. To be honest I never saw the point of destroying the world as it would leave you with nothing left to rule, but hey it certainly makes for some fun story telling.

I honestly thought this was a great read. It was fun, fast paced, high energy and even had the occasional bit of humor thrown into the mix. It kept me reading and set up the final volume in the Riftwar Legacy to be an exciting conclusion.

I give this volume a 7/10 book worms and hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.


Posted: January 18, 2017 in Book Reviews

krondor the betrayal

Krondor: The Betrayal

By Raymond E Feist

387 pages

The Riftwar is over. The Dark Elves, AKA the Moredhel of the north, had been defeated and went back home. Not all these Elves however are willing to accept defeat. One by the name of Delekhan has gathered allies and believes that Murmandamus is still alive and kept prisoner in the city of Sethanon. He has launched a military campaign to rescue him.

Gorath, a dark Elf however,  knows that Delekhan will cause the destruction of his people and in a desperate effort to save his brothers from complete destruction flees the north to send warning of the pending invasion.

He meets up with Squire Locklear, a Riftwar veteran, Jimmy the Hand, thief turned Squire and Owyn, a magician apprentice. Together the four of them follow a path of clues to discover what Delekhans true plans are in an effort to stop him from his war mongering campaign.

Pug, A powerful magician on two worlds finds his daughter has been kidnapped and must embark on a risky mission to save her. Gorath and Owyn go after Pug to rescue him and bring him back to Midkemia to aid in the battle against Delekhan and his army.

Raymond E Feist has created the world of Midkemia and has written many books detailing a rich and vast history he has created. The characters I find tend to grow on me as I read of their adventures, trials, failures and successes. This book is no different.

The story flow was one which never lets you down. It kept my attention from the start and was truly and epic adventure from page one

One thing I have always loved about these books is the idea that his characters are not limited to a single world, but in fact travel between different worlds throughout the universe. On each world magic manifests itself differently. The world that Pug went to too seek out his daughter for example, magic manifested itself in physical crystal form which must be harvested to access the power contained within vs the world of Midkemia where magic is derived from the natural energies of the environment with which you are in.

The one Character that remains constant throughout all books in the world of Midkemia is Pug. He travels through time, space and dimensions of the universe. Raymond E Feist uses the character of Pug to tie all the volumes together and it helps to bring a common element to keep you reading all the books in the series. What it really comes down to is when reading each and every book is you are really following the adventures of Pug. The characters, setting and time may change but Pug is always there. That is something I am really enjoying about this book and the world of Midkemia in general.

If you are a fan of science fiction and fantasy, then I would certainly recommend this book and any of Raymond E Feists book in the world of Midkemia.

I give this book 6/10 book worms.