Posted: December 28, 2013 in Book Reviews


Dragons of a Vanished Moon by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis

The third and final volume of the war of souls. Picking up where the other 2 left off, the knight Gerard has been sent on a spying mission disguised as a dark knight. Odila a knight he met up with previously has become converted to this new god of Mina’s and starts her service to this dark God. Meanwhile Tass along with the wizards Palin and Dalimar find themselves dead but trapped and bound to service to Mina who is still conquering the world with ease.

Raistlin has met with the Gods whom the people of kyrnn has believed have fled. The Gods are desperatly looking for the world that has been stolen from them. They soon learn of the importance of the kender Tasslehoff  Burrfoot as he holds the key to finding the world so that the Gods can return to there people.

The Qualinesti Elvin nation has been destroyed. The survivors embark on a treachourous journey to Silvanost Elvin nation in hopes of being accepted by them as refugees. However it is soon learned that both Elvin nations are now on the run for there lives and both are refugees of lost nations.

What I liked about this book is that Mina, who previously had no opposition finally has some. Her followers begin to doubt her and question wether the god they are fighting for is a good god or just using them for her own purposes. The seeds of rebellion finally begin to grow and opposition finally begins to make an appearance.

The story progresses slowy however and seems to wrap up quite quickly in the last 100 pages. I felt that it took to long to progress and came to an end to quickly. Overall it was a fun dialogue to read. I enjoyed reading about it but had a hard time really understanding where the story was going. For quite a while it did not really seem like there was going to be an end to it.

As with all dragon lance books it was a simple story flow that was easy to follow and understand. While it keeps you interested in the story it still lacked that quality that makes it difficult to put it down. I did not feel the same attachement to the characters that you do with some other books. However that being said I still enjoyed it quite a bit and makes for a good ending to this trilogy. While the previous book was a dissapointment this book salvages the series for me. I would give this book at 6.5/10 book worms

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