Dragons of a Lost Star

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Book Reviews


Dragons of a lost Star: War of souls volume 2. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

The second book of the war of souls trilogy picks up where the first book leaves off. You can read my review of the first book Dragons of a fallen sun here https://andrewsbookreviews.wordpress.com/2013/11/21/dragons-of-a-fallen-sun/

Goldmoon who is now over 90 years old finds her self blessed or cursed depending on your perspective with renewed youth at least physically but still tired and old in heart and spirit. She leaves the citadel of light with the gnome Condundrum on a journey which she seems to have no control over. She is being swept along and called to the land of Nightlund with all the dead souls of the world since the chaos wars 50 years earlier. She finds herself speaking of the one God whom she had no previous allegiance to being a cleric of Paladine

Meanwhile Tasslehoff Burrfoot the kender escapes the tower of high sorcery and runs away from Palin Majere and Dalamar, a dark elf and wizard. Tass makes his way to Solanthus where Gerard, a Solamic knight is being held on suspicion of treason and spying

Gilthas king of the Qualinesti elves and the lioness his wife continue to fight for there peoples homeland which is currently occupied by the dark nights while managing the evacuation of there people, and to seek the aid of there cousins the Silvanesiti and king Sivlanoshei. They of course have there own problems to deal with.

Mina continues her march across the world with her small army of only a few hundred and the power of the one true God behind her. She is setting up a siege of Solanthus for the one true God.

If there is one thing I would change about this book, is that it is to easy for Mina to take whatever she wants next to no opposition and everything just falls in place. There is no challenges, no obstacles to overcome. Everything just stands aside and she does what she plans to do. No effort at all. Its to simple and to easy to get the job and tasks done. I would have her actually have challenges, make it difficult for her to win her victory’s. maybe have her army actually have soldiers die in battle and not just at her command. Both sides should be taken casualties. This story reads in a way that you are not surprised at anything that happens. Mina shows up on the scene and we already know how its going to play out. She wins, the other side takes all the losses, she walks in and claims victory. Easy.  Everything plays out exactly how it was planned with no surprises, no twists, you hear the plan and it happens. Effectively your told how the story will play out before it does. It leaves you with not wondering what is going to happen because you were told what is going to happen 3 chapters previously

The idenity of the one true God is revealed in this book. It was an aha moment but again not a suprise. A aha moment in the sense that you say well of course that just makes sense. Nothing comes as a suprise in this book. If you start this series you will proboly want to finish the trilogy but dont read it with any expectation that you will be suprised by what happens. While I gave the first book in this series a 7/10 as it was a good start to the series,  this book honestly kind of ruined the series for me, though I will finish it out as there is just one more book to go.

The good, Its a story that is easy to follow and fun to read for simplistic story line. The characters are easy to understand. which makes for a easy read

I give this book 4/10 book worms


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