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City of Fallen Angels

The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels

By Cassandra Clare

Well Valentines war is over and all is well. Jace has been brought back from the dead and everyone lives happily ever after right?

Nope. With Jace’s re-birth all the protections place on him as a baby have been removed. The mother of all demons, Lilith, seeks to take advantage of this and takes control of Jace. This is part of her plot to resurrect Sebastian using the blood of Simon. Using Jace and Clary to manipulate Simon into assisting her as she cannot touch Simon due to the mark of Cain he has on him.

This is the 4th book in the Mortal Instruments series. It does not belong in this series at all. There are only 3 mortal instruments and each of the first 3 books has or introduces one of the 3. Given this is a 5 book series you would think that the mortal instruments would have something to do with this book. Nope. They are not involved in the story at all. This would more appropriately be simply called a shadow hunter book.

City of Fallen Angels I think is a good start to a separate and independent series. While linked to events in the previous 3 books, it really works just fine independently of them. The story build up in this book however was quite slow and drawn out for most of the book. I felt that their was a lot of un needed story going on that was more like A day in the life of … type reading with mysterious events thrown in on occasion. It could have done with a bit less of that and more story plot line focus.

Unlike the last book however the climax of the book was not as big as a let down. It was not a simple easy out and seemed to involved much more in the way of actual struggle to end the problems our characters faced. This to me is an improvement upon the writing of the last book. The ending was also set up well to bring a second book in this story arc, hopefully however with more plot and story line focus.

This book like the rest of the series is considered a teen fantasy, however it would more accurately be reference to as a teen romance novel. Cassandra Clare it seems has a flair for romance and teen love imaginings in her characters. It’s as if every thing in the story is revolving around this idea of teens in love. I imagine it is something that most high school girls would think and behave like. Whether that is a credit to the author or not I will leave up to you, personally not really my style and not something I like. I just get this picture in my head of teenage Cassandra Clare sitting alone in the library at her school dreaming of her crush and day dreaming these scenarios as she writes them down. Then turning such things into the Mortal instruments series she has now written.

Overall this is a much better book than the last one, while not good enough to get a great rating, better than previous volumes. Not much more to say about this one except 5/10 book worms. not bad, not good, just mediocre like the rest of them. But at least it’s an improvement on the last one.

We shall see how the final volume plays out.



By Cassandra Clare

541 pages

Valentine has control over 2 of the 3 mortal instruments and is planning his revenge, or what he refers to as purifying the Shadow Hunter race and taking back control of the Shadow Hunter world. His plans take him to Idris and the capital city of Alacante in search of the final and 3rd of the Mortal instruments

Simon, Jace, Clary, Lucian and crew naturally end up in Alacante as the battle for the Shadow Hunter world comes to a head at the heart of their society and cultural center.

What I liked

The development of the story line and build up the final battle between Valentines demon forces and the Shadow Hunters was overall decent. Setting up the climax was reasonably paced and effective in positioning all the characters where they needed to be.

The classic distrust between Down Worlders and the Shadow Hunters play out effectively. It seems it is human nature to distrust, or even fear that which is different from us and that which we don’t understand. This, it would seem is no different for Shadow Hunters and Down Worlders. Almost, it seems, they would rather die than work together against a common enemy.

Clary’s work to join the two sides in mutual cooperation is done overall, OK. Still quite cliché in the writing and what happens in how it plays out, but overall it was not terrible.

For once this seems to be the first book in the series where the title actually makes some sense to the overall setting of the book. The previous books, City of Bones and City of Ashes only had a very small portion of their story line taking place in the respective places the books were named for. Both the City of Bones and the City of Ashes played a minimum role if any at all. By contrast the City of Glass story line takes place almost entirely in the city of Glass, AKA Alacante, capital city of Idris

What I did not like

It seems that there is more in this series that I do not like than like.

Throughout the entire book there is all this build up to the final and epic clash between both sides. The demon hoards have been release and yet valentine is no where to be seen at the battle. He is too busy summoning and Angel at the lake. One he think will help him, only for him to be killed by the Angel. Way too easy and too simple to end the story of Valentine and the threat of the demons he controls.

The battle itself of demons vs Down Worlders and Shadow Hunters was virtually not part of the story, only mentioned it was happening. While we knew the battle was happening there is very little story at the final battle itself. The battle is only talked about and not actually told about. Valentine dies by the angel and suddenly the demons have no power and flee. This was a very poor way to end this battle and a way too easy an out for the ending of Valentine and the demon threat.

Considering all the build up to the final climax of this book , the ending was a big let down.  As Simon reported, the battle only lasted 10 minutes. Cassandra Clare could have easily taken a lot of the “mundane” portions of the book out and used that space to fill it with some epic battle scenes and a fight that the build up made it out to be.

Jace it seems is not Clary’s brother after all. This has been hinted at throughout the book but now that it has been revealed it seems that the entire plot line of Jace and Clary’s forbidden love was completely pointless considering there are still more books to come. This kind of realization should have, in my humble opinion, waited till the end of the last book. Doing so would have been a nice way to let our 2 main characters finally be together in a happily ever after kind of scenario, or better yet, one of them dies and then they find out. That would have been a tragic love that could have been but was lost. Almost Shakespearean kind of tragedy.

I have been hoping that this series would start to improve in the writing, story, and plot execution however, sadly, it has not and continues to be at best mediocre and writing, story, plot etc…

I am starting to get the feeling this may end up being one of the worst series of books I have ever read, But being the OCD reader I am I will continue to read till I have finished the series. After all it’s not boring just poorly written, poorly executed bad writing. Maybe its the werewolves, Vampires and demons that keep me going with this. Only two left on my shelf in this series but you can bet I wont be buying any more Cassandra Clare books.

I swear its like a bad car accident, You don’t want to look, but you can’t look away.

I give this book 4/10 book worms.

I know I may be torturing myself but I am determined to finish this series so books 4 and 5 coming soon!