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Shadow’s Edge by Brent weeks

636 pages

So Cenaria has been invaded by Kahladorians and the God king has gained control of the country. Kylar has run off with Elene and Uly, Momma K’s daughter. They move to a new city with the hopes of starting a new life together and leave their old life behind.

Of course that is simply not possible for our main character Kylar who struggles between desperately wanting his new life but being stuck in the only life he has ever known, a killer. He has become the Night Angel and he cannot escape who he is.

The Godking who has now conquered Cenaria is hunting the Ka-Kari and knows Kylar has the black Ka-Kari and that he has become the Night Angel.

Jarl, Kylars friend has recently become the head of the Sa-Kage. He finds Kylar and tells him that his good friend King Logan Gyer who he thought was dead is in fact alive and has been hiding out in “hells asshole”. A prison that is nothing more than a pit where one must fight for his very survival. Logan has been starving and fighting off insane criminals and the women are raped for sport.

Kylar takes off back to his home town to rescue Logan and once again finds himself wrapped up in the wetboy killer world he has tried so desperately to rid himself of.

Vi, another wetboy, Kidnaps Uly from her home in an effort to get to Kylar, however Kylar does not know that Uly has been kidnapped. Sister Ariel Wyant intercepts Vi and Uly and Kidnaps both of them. Uly is found to be gifted with magic and is taken by Sister Ariel Wyant to be trained with Elene in hot pursuit. Elene however runs into trouble of her own and finds her self being held as a captive as well.

There was one glaring problem that I found with this book. What I thought was supposed to be a big part of the story turned out to be a big disappointment. The whole point of Kylar’s story line was to rescue Logan from the Pit of Insanity as I will call it. That turned out to be a big disappointment. There was little to no build up to the rescue. Kylar just shows up at the pit and suddenly Logan is being rescued. The rescue itself took all of 10 pages tops in a book of over 600.  This was supposed to be one of the main story lines. Big disappointment in that regard. Poorly thought out and executed in that part of the story.

The rest of the story however played out well with good plot and development. The character development shows that there is more to each individuals story than meets the reader’s eye. The plot continues to grow with some great side stories that give the feeling of having some overall importance to the story if not readily identifiable at this point.

The book leaves a lot of unanswered questions and loose ends begging for the next volume. Which I am glad that there is a next volume.

What would I give this book as far as a rating goes. 6/10 book worms mainly because of the complete failure of what was supposed to be  the primary story line of Logan’s rescue from the pit though not a terrible rating due to good development and adventure elsewhere in the story.

Here is hoping the next volume effectively ties up the loose ends and wraps up the story quite well.


And now for my first movie review based on a book. One I hope Is nothing like the movie

So I recently watched The Mortal Instruments City of Bones on movie central. I figured that since I plan on reading the book I might as well watch the movie. Movies rarely if ever live up the books in so many ways. I do not expect that this movie would give a full real picture of this story in any way.

This story as you already know if you have seen it or read the book has a kind of Gothic feel to it. Shadow hunters who live their lives hunting demons.  A young Girl named Clarissa finds her self, after the mysterious disappearance of her mother caught up in a world she did not even know existed till now. She soon gets involved with an unusual Gothic guy who does his best to help her understand what is going on.

As for the movie. IT WAS TERRIBLE. I can honestly say probably one of the worst cliche filled movies I have ever watched. Everything in the movie screams of lack of originality and just generally a terrible film. The Star Wars wanna be plot became so predictable that I could barely tolerate watching till the end. Surprise surprise Jace and Clarissa are brother and sister and only find out after they Kiss. Does anyone remember that plot twist in star wars between Luke and Leia. I certainly do. You won’t believe what other plot twist also makes an appearance. Ok maybe you will. The bad guy, Valentine is Clarissa and Jaces father. Sound familiar. Wasn’t Darth Vader Luke and Leia’s father. The Copy cat plot twist stank of a star wars rip off that it really turned me off any future movies for this series.

And of course in typical Star Wars fashion Jace, aka Luke has a fight with Valentine aka Darth Vader and finds himself about to be sent into the portal, Aka the deep dark shaft of death on the Death Star.

Lets not forget a group of magical kids living at the “institute” learning magic and seeing things in the world that no one else can. Lets not forget that the institute is hidden from non magical eyes from the rest of the world. Sounds a bit too much like Hogwarts and harry potter to me. I was just waiting for the sorting hat or some other sorting object to come out and sort Clarissa into her house or some other category. And of course at the head of this institute is a funny old man who knows everything but does not like to tell you everything.

Could this movie get any more Un-original. This was just too much a Star wars crossed with harry potter and twilight for my liking. I am told that the books are far better and the movie just did not do it justice. I can only hope that is right. I don’t think I could handle this in book form if this is what I can expect. This movie should never have been made. It is horrible. It is terrible . And to be honest makes me want to burn the book almost,  But I will hold off until I read it later on.

If I were to give this movie a rating 0/10 should just about do it. Though that is being generous.  There are just no redeeming qualities to this film. It is horrible. Do not watch it. And if you have, I am sorry you wasted 2 hours of your life on it.



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The Way Of Shadows: Brent Weeks

645 pages

The Way of Shadows by Brent weeks the first book in the Night Angels Trilogy.

“life is empty, when we take a life we take nothing of value” 

The story is set in the city of cenaria and our main character, Azoth lives in the warrens an area of the city ruled by guilds or street gangs. Azoth is a member of one of these guilds and is forced to pay his guild fees to Rat. With Azoth is a young girl named “doll girl”. He is only 11 years old and she is about half his age at this point in there lives.

Life is not easy in the warrens. Living on the street fighting for your very survival. It is a hard life scavenging for food and money. Often Azoth will share his food with doll girl as that is the only way she will survive as she is not old enough to get food and money for herself. The demands of the guild are strictly enforced for those that are members. Failure to comply with the guilds demands and you will end up dead.

Rat has been terrorizing Azoth and doll girl for years. He is terrified of him and wants to get out but does not know what he needs to do or how to do it. After he witnesses the famed “wetboy” Durzo Blint make a kill of several men at one time he approaches him and takes the opportunity to convince him to apprentice to him and teach him how to kill so that no one can be a threat to him again.

It is not as easy as it seems. Durzo tells him he will not allow him to apprentice unless he first kills rat on his own.  Azoth hesitates, not sure if he can really do it given he is terrified of Rat. When he finds Doll girl mutilated by Rat he is motivated to make the kill. He wins his apprenticeship with Durzo. However he must forfeit his Identity and the life that he has known. He must become someone new with a new identity as Kylar Stern

The city is controlled by a secret organization called the Sa Kage who controls the guilds and pretty much everything that goes on in this city. Everyone answers to them in some fashion. The Sa kage is controlled by the “nine” or the heads of this secret organization.

Durzo. I loved durzo he is mysterious and strong-willed. He has a clear code that he lives by even when that code requires him to make choices that he does not want to make. He has spent his life trying to Convince himself that he has not committed any wrong. He is a killer hired by others to do their dirty work. He hates himself but accepts the cursed life that he lives.

Kylar our other main character. Love him. Essentially raised by Durzo he has turned his back on everything morale that he has come to know as part of himself. He is torn between his 2 conflicting ideals, that which durzo has taught him and those ideals that were his own natural inclinations. What will become of him and will he be able to accept what he has become?

The Characters in this book are extremely well-developed. I love that Azoth and Doll Girl are children. The children in this book have some awesome development. As they grow and develop you feel a connection with them that you cannot help but have sympathy and compassion for what they are dealing with.

Orson Scott Card, who Brent weeks has mentioned as one of his influences, is clearly an influence in the writing of this book. Like Orson Scott Cards children in his books the children in this book have a deep character and emotional level that in many ways is beyond their years. The Characters development over the many years this book takes place creates loveable characters that draw you into the book. Every page and chapter is filled with a child you can really relate to. You almost grow with the character. From a scared street brat into an expert killer struggling with the morality of what he is doing. Similar in a sense to Ender from Enders Game.

What I have loved about this book is that while the influence of Orson Scott Card comes through very strongly it does not detract from the story in any way. The story is still original in its creation and draws on Cards children as a model for Azoth within this story.

Criticism for this book however is that there was not much in the way of world building for a first novel in a new series. We have names of towns and places, characters and things that are included within the story but those things in and of themselves, I found that it was not very effective in really creating an image of the world this story takes place in. I did not really get a good picture of what this world looks like, something that I really like to have as part of a book or new book series.

This book however I do believe was a fantastic first book in a series. It opened up the story incredibly well and did an excellent job of setting up the story and characters. By the end of the book you knew that there was more to come but also let you down well enough that you were not feeling as if you have missed out and essentially wrapped up the first part of this story quite well. Not a cliff hanger but let you know that there is more to come.

Would I recommend this book. ABSOLUTLEY!!! I must admit that I LOVED this book. It is an excellent addition to any Sci-fi fantasy book collection

I give this book 8/10 book worms