I’m going to read more books

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Thoughts on Reading


My kids say I read to much. Well I will have to disagree with them. I don’t think I read enough. I’m sure all of you my readers would agree. After all I only seem to get a book review up every 2 weeks or so. I’m sure you will want to see more of my reviews. I would like to see more as well. Given the 12 books I have on order I am currentley sitting at about 34 books that I have not read yet. That’s alot of reading to get caught up on.

I am very excited to get caught up. So many good books to read I cant wait to read about all the adventures that await me. I love finishing a book and love to start a new one. Reading a book is so much better than watching T.V. or going to a movie. Though I will admit that seeing your books come to life on the big screen is alot of fun.

That is why I have decided to watch less tv and read more books. That way I can get my reviews out to you more frequentley and generally just have more fun. I have yet to Watch something on tv or in the Theatres that I enjoyed more than reading a good book.

When it comes to reading anyway that is my new years resolution.

Thanks for reading.


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