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Posted: August 23, 2015 in Book Reviews


Rebekah By Orson Scott Card

400 pages

From the Women of Genesis series of books

The story of Rebekah, Issac’s wife covers her life from young womanhood till she is an old woman and the rivalry of her 2 sons, Esau and Jacob. Her story is familiar to most of us, she meets Issac’s servant at the well and soon finds her self off to Abraham’s and Issac’s camp to marry Issac whom she immediately falls in love with.

For the first part of her marriage to Issac she struggles to conceive a child till she becomes pregnant with twins and Jacob and Esau are born. After her children are born her life is filled with strife and contention between herself and Abraham who disagree on how to raise the boys who have 2 very different personalities.

The selling of Esau’s birthright for a mess of pottage to his younger brother Jacob is dealt with though Orson Scott Card imagines this to be non binding agreement in any way. The deception of Jacob when bestowing the birthright on Jacob instead of Esau is covered and all the key points of the story that we find in the bible.

The story as Orson Scott Card imagines it however goes beyond what we know of it in the biblical account. He takes much to his imagination on how the characters might have interacted and felt concerning their circumstances. Much of the story is made up in the author’s mind. This does not detract from the characters however. This is not done in a bad way. Often mixed in with humor and drama helps us to understand the characters without taking from the context of their story.

Orson Scott Card helps to paint an image of Issac who has a lack of self confidence and his own worthiness before God. He sees himself as a weakling and unworthy while his brother Ishmael is imagined by him to be a man of great strength and worthiness. This because Issac avoids fighting and does not have armies fighting for him like his brother.

Rebekah is portrayed quite effectively as a woman of great faith and understanding who loves and cares not only for God but for her husband and children as well. She is angry because others do not see what she see’s which is that Esau is not worthy to have the birthright and Jacob is. Her anger and desperation drives her to trick Issac into giving Jacob the blessing of the birthright.

As with other books the in series they are worth a read for anyone who enjoys christian literature. I really enjoyed reading a re-imagined version of this biblical story that is key to understanding the historical context behind the 12 tribes lf Israel and the lineage of those tribes.

overall I would give this book a 8/10 book worms.

Winters Heart

Posted: August 12, 2015 in Book Reviews


Winters Heart by Robert Jordan

766 pages

Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy continues in this volume of the Wheel of Time. The 9th of 14 books holds some key moments in the story that bring a sense of anticipation and excitement to the reader.

Seaine of the While Ajah along with her companions have not only found the Black Ajah but Discovered that Elaida the Amyrlin seat in the white tower is Black Ajah her self. ¬†We don’t yet know how this will play out or how Seaine will deal with this news. A plot line that has only just been revealed and hopefully will contain more in future volumes of this series

Elayne in the meantime is in Camelyn to make her claim to the lion throne all the while trying to avoid a war of succession with the other high houses of Andor. She has her new first sister Avienda close by to help her as she faces this struggle and tries to deal with what is hers by right of Inheritance. All the while an assassination attempt fails on Elaynes life and her savior is hired as captain of the guard but he is not what he seems

Perrin returns to his camp only to find his beloved wife Faile has been kidnapped by the Shaido and begins to plan his daring rescue attempt with his army and the Prophet of the Lord Dragon who he has plans to bring to Rand. The hunt for his wife is not without its sense of adventure.

Rand in the mean time is laying false trails while hunting deserters and doing his best to mis-direct those who would thwart his plans.

Matt who is trapped in Tylin’ s (queen of Altara) court is trying to escape only to find himself trying to rescue some Aes Sedai women and his plan gets much more complicated than he originally planned. All the while he is being hunted by servants of the dark lord and his minions.

All of this culminates in Rand Finally cleansing the one power from the Taint of the shadow. The climatic ending scene bringing a rather entertaining and enjoyable end to this volume of the series.

The Wheel of time is not one of those series of books that is easy to explain. This story has much depth of character, plot, legend and history that it is like trying to summarize the history of the world in just a few paragraphs.

This volume in the series has the pace of the story starting to pick up from the middle slow progress of the early volumes that take up the middle of the series. Much has happened and some events of Major importance set the stage for furthering the overall plot to what I expect will be the epic and final conclusion. The cleansing of the taint on the male half of the true source which has been talked about for the last several books finally takes place in the epic final of this volume.

Rand, who has been through so much, is trying so hard to maintain his sanity and keep himself alive for the final battle, with the cleansing of Saiden perhaps he will finally get to focusing on what he needs to do.

Like other wheel of time books it can have its slow progress at times but overall the pace of the story works out quiet well. The key moments in the story play out well and effectively. Rand however played a very small role in this volume and probably spent at best 20% of the book on his story with much of the focus on Elayne and her efforts to secure the lion throne.

Egwene and the story line of her marching against the white tower is essentially non-existent in this volume. This is understandable however given the epic scope of this work trying to put all the story arcs together in one book is a bit 2 much. I am hoping, Like in-game of thrones and Brandon stark and Hodors story line, this does not become an abandon story arc never to be heard from again. It has been so long since I first read this series that I do not remember how the rest of the story progresses, this is a good thing as a fresh reading brings first time impression all over again.

There is so much more to this story that still has to be told, the only questions I have now is how will the lead up to the final volume play out. All the Good guys are still alive. They seem to escape all the time. I have to admit, that does kind of make the story less interesting, the appeal of game of thrones to me at least is that the good guys die, And sometimes the bad guys as well. In the Wheel of time only the bad guys are dying. We all want the good guys to win of course I just think it would make things a little more interesting.

All in all this was a great book and I would recommend it to anyone. Of course you would have to read the previous 8 books before jumping into this one or you would be completely lost on what is going on or who the people are.

I give this book 7/10 book worms.