Posted: May 23, 2017 in Book Reviews

The Defenders of Shannara: The Sorcerers Daughter

334 pages

By Terry Brooks

Its been a few years since the events of The Darkling Child. Paxon and Leofur have lived happily together at Paranor with the other Druids and Ard Rhys. Paxon has continued his employment as the Defender of the Druids and personal guard.  The Ard Rhys, Paxon and a host of delegates heads over to Arishaig the capital of the Federation in Southland. Their purpose is to begin peace talks between the Federation and the Druids.

However the peace talks are interrupted by a demonic attack by a Sleath, a creature of shadow that kills all the Federation delegates and sends the Druids fleeing for their lives while being pursued by the federation army who seeks revenge for the murder of the Federation Prime minister and peace conference delegates.

In the mean time back at Paranor, Leofur and Chrysallin are spending time getting to know each other. However when they are out in the forests around Paranor, Chrysallin is kidnapped by unknown people and taken to be held captive by Melis,  the Witch of Murk Sink. A swampy deadly land filled with all kinds of deadly and evil creatures under the command of the Murk Witch. She must partner with a reluctant shape shifter by the name of Imric to seek out and find Chrysallin and rescue her before Paxon returns.

Because of the dangers of shape shifting and causing Imric to lose his identity he needs a tether to the real world. He only agrees to help Leofur if she agrees to be his tether. This is done by forming a direct link between their minds so she feels, sees, hears, everything Imric does. This intimate connection causes them to be closer and more intimate than any other two people should ever be. Effectively becoming one.


She is just a little girl who wants companionship, or is she a huge hideous ugly creature that keeps kidnapped young women in boxes and only lets them out to play. Perhaps she is both. She is evil, controlling and just not very nice. She has spent her time with Chrys force feeding her a root that restricts her access to speak, talk or sing thus cutting her off from the wishsong’s magic she could use to free her self from her clutches.


Leofur is the sorcerers daughter, She is in love with Paxon and will do anything to free his sister, but at the same time she is miserable with life at Paranor. She feels as though she has lost her purpose and that their must be so much more to life than what she gets at Paranor. She is not gifted with magic, and finds her days boring and dull. Often lonely as her only friend is Chrys. Paxon all to often is away on missions protecting the Druids while she stays behind having no purpose. She is desperate for something, anything to do to occupy her time and finds her self growing more and more dissatisfied with life and her marriage to Paxon. Imric has provided her a purpose and she finds herself falling in love with him.


A tragic Character who lost both his mother and his father at such a young age. He learned early on in life that he was a Shape Shifter. His kind despised and feared by the world over and not trusted. His mother was also a Shape Shifter and when his father found out, he killed her. Imric in retaliation killed his father and spent the rest of his childhood in hiding and living wildly shape shifting.

Terrified of the addictive power of shape shifting, and terrified of it driving him to near insanity he desperately sought help at Paranor with the Druids who took him in and he has lived his life as a stable boy ever since.

Karlin and Miriya 

These two Druids did not play a very big role in this book, however I thought it worth a mention. I have now read Every Shannara book and this is the first time their has been mention of in my memory characters that are gay. I thought this was pretty awesome more so in the way it was done, rather than the fact that gay characters existed. Their relationship as partners and lovers was treated as normal and not out of the ordinary. Like everyone knew what it was and saw it no differently than a heterosexual couple. While not really touched on much and essentially mentioned in passing I thought it was good regardless and nice to see this treated in such a way within the story.

Other books I have read either over compensate on the gayness of the character or have a tendency to focus on the hate, discrimination and mistreatment of LGBTQ persons. I think this could have easily deserved a little more attention but it was nice to have gay characters portrayed no differently than normal straight heterosexual persons in a relationship.

Overall this was a good and fun read. Like all of Terry Brooks Shannara books this one is just as good as the last ones. One of the best sci-fi/fantasy writers of the 21st century. 8/10 book worms and looking forward to reading the final installment of the Shannara series The Fall of Shannara: The Black Elf Stone. (Though considering the title it seems ominous that Shannara will no longer be at the end of this next book series, it kind of scares me lol)


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