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The Blue Adpet

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Book Reviews

Blue Adept

Blue Adept by Piers Anthony

327 pages

The second book in the Aprentice Adept series

Well we learned in the first book that Stile had discovered the world of Phaze, a parallel universe that mirrors the world of proton, but filled with magic rather than technology. Stile it seems has an enemy in both worlds trying to kill him off for some crime he has no knowledge off. Well it turns out the oracle of Phaze told the Red Adept that Stile would kill her so she launched a campaign to kill him first. She did so by crossing the curtain trying to get rid of him in both universes.

Lucky for Stile however he has friends on both sides that are willing to help him out.

Everything is parallel. In the world of Proton there is the tournament in which style must compete to not only save his life but ensure his continued existence lest he become exiled from Proton, while in Phaze he must battle against the Unicorns in olympic style games in order to gain advantage in that world to beat his enemy.

Stile has a unique form of magic that relies on music and rhymes to cast spells. His music has the power to change the very nature of existence and the world around him. This musical magic however only works in the world of Phaze. I love this concept because music in our world has much the same quality. Music can be used to express very powerful realities, get into the very essence of what it is to be human. Music can express the very deepest of our fears, and loves and capture the extremes of our inner most emotions and feelings. Music can inspire one to good or evil and be used as a tool to unite and bring about changed and is virtually universal. All cultures across the world and throughout history have used music to mourn, celebrate, inspire and drive social change. Every olympic games have celebrations that start and end with music and dance. In a very real sense music, like in Phaze, is quite magical and can have a profound impact on the world around us. And Ultimately it is through Stiles music the he has gotten that much closer to defeating his enemy.

Stile has not won yet however and has only now been able to identify his enemy and gained only a slight advantage over her. He still has much work to do as his battle is not yet over. The fate of both worlds depends on his success for failure.

I will say however that the description of the games on Proton and Stiles competitions can get a bit long and mundane. While I certainly understand the role these games play in the overall story they lack in the area of reading excitement. There is a lot of play by-play which at times simply put was not that interesting to read. I am sure piers Anthony could have come up with more exciting descriptions or games to play out as part of the competition that Stile has been going through but seemed to have failed, at least for me, in this respect.

Overall however He has done a great job of merging fantasy with science fiction in this story of duality of worlds. He has woven a tail from two different genres and done so quite well in a way that flows nicely and keeps the reader going wondering what happens next. I really am enjoying this series.

I give this book 6.5/10 book worms

split infinity

Split Infinity Book One: The Aprentice Adept

Stile is a slave. He has no rights and must work till his tenure is over before being exiled from the planet Proton. Like the Ancient earth gladiators of ancient Greece he is more than just a slave however. He competes in the games for the amusement of the Citizens which own him. This slave class is refered to as serfs are in effect property with no rights but subject to the will of their owners for their own whims and pleasures.

Stile is very successful and highly skilled at these games. He knows everything from games of strength, strategy, art, horse racing, swimming, running, endurance, mental etc… It is not long before he finds himself the target of another citizen who is trying to take him out of the competitions.

An Android, virtually undistinguishable from a human woman, named Sheen mysteriously shows up with a mandate to not only protect Stile but also be his lover. The Mystery of who is trying to kill him must be solved before it is too late.

While trying to escape this threat Stile finds himself passing through a mysterious curtain to another world that, at least geographically, is identical to Proton, but seems to actually be a living world with forest, animals and, oddly enough magic.

Just when he thinks things can’t get worse or that he is safe, he soon learns that he has a duplicate in this world of Phaze, and has an enemy on this world as well who is trying to kill him. His duplicate is the Blue Adept, A wizard or magic users of extreme power and like all other Adepts highly feared by the citizens of Phaze.

Only with the help of his Unicorn/lover Friend Neysa, and Werewolf friend Kurrelgyre can he end the threats to his life in Phaze, however if he dares uses magic his only friends in this world will kill him. If he stays on Proton his life also is in danger and his only friend there is the Android Sheen.

One of the aspects that I really loved about this story is the culture of Serfs, because they are in effect slaves with no rights they are denied something most people take for granted without a second thought. Clothing is illegal for serfs not just to own but even wear. This has created a culture where nudity is so commonplace it is not even remotely sexual among the serfs but as normal as you and me wearing clothes. I love this idea precisely because nudity has become so hypersexualized in our western culture that the very idea that we could as a society live naked 24/7 is scandalous and view as immoral, immodest and indecent. I do not see nudity as immoral, indecent or scandalous myself only the natural state of a person and nothing we should be ashamed of. The serfs only wear clothes for functional purposes and only when needed and authorized by their employers or owners.

“Perhaps he was aware that the partial concealment of the shorts attracted attention to those parts they concealed, enhancing her sex appeal. Stile Like many serfs found a certain illicit lure in clothing”

“In the privacy of an apartment, clothing was permitted, so long as it was worn discreetly. If there should be a video call, or a visitor at his door sheen would have to hide or rip off the clothing, lest she be caught by a third-party in that state and be compromised. But that only added to the excitement of it, the special titillating naughtiness of their liaison

“She donned the costume without shame and did a pirouette causing the material to fling about her legs. Stile found this indescribably erotic. He shut down the light so that the material seemed opaque, and the effect intensified. Oh, What clothing did for the woman, creating shadows where ordinarily there were none, making mysteries where none had been before”

This very concept that clothing is more erotic and sexually alluring that full and complete nudity seems contrary to the standard way of thinking in our culture and at the very least one of the most intriguing concept put forth in this novel.

The book is a mix between living two different lives, one in the realms of fantasy and one in the realms of reality and technology. In this fantasy world there is this double of all of us where we are perhaps living the fantasy life we all wish we could before we must find our selves back in the reality of the real word. I think this book does a great job in exploring this idea between the fantasy life we all have, perhaps hidden away from even our own minds, and the real world in which we all must live.

Is Phaze just that, a fantasy concocted in the mind of a helpless slave doomed to live his life in the service of others, or is it a real world in which he is seeking to escape to? After all, one cannot cross into the fantasy realm of Phaze without your double ceasing to exist. Essentially you cannot be in two places at once, either you are in the real world dreaming of Phaze or you are in Phaze thinking how you need to get back the real world. You can only cross into this fantasy world if you strongly need to or want to get there. Is this fantasy realm an analogy of wanting to escape the pressures and stress of our real lives? You will have to decide that for yourself by reading the book

This book seems to explore the ideas of fantasy realms versus reality, having doubles in both and exploring our own internal fantasy sexual or otherwise. Stile seems to find himself becoming the lover of a robot, unicorn, witch, jockey chick, and his fantasy self doubles wife.

This was a great book and great start to this series. Well worth the read and I would give this one a 8/10 book worms.!!


Posted: February 5, 2017 in Book Reviews

at the gates of darkness

At the Gates of Darkness

Book 2 of the Demonwar Saga

By Raymond E Feist

290 pages

It’s been so long since I read the first book in this Demonwar Saga I have to admit that my memory of the events of the First book are a bit fuzzy.

Pug and his Companions have stumbled upon a fortress filled with demons and evidence that the demon civil war has spilled into the realms of mankind. One side has been enslaving men, elves, dwarves etc… for its own nefarious purposes while the other side is bent on destroying the rest of the demons with no care or concern for those who are destroyed in the process. It seems it is up to Pug and his companions to defeat the demons and banish them back to the realms from which they came.

I have reviewed many books from the world of Midkemia, and while each of them are different the main players or characters tend to remain the same. This I admit has made it a challenge to think of what I can say about each of these books other than a brief synopsis as I have already written so much about Midkemia.

So for this review It will be kept short, simple and to the point. (that and I am feeling just a we tad bit lazy in writing today)

This is a good book. Its fun and enjoyable and overall a good read. Demons always make for an interesting read especially when combined with crazy powerful magicians. Give it a read. You won’t regret it I am sure.

This book gets 7-10 book worms.