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Lord of Chaos

Posted: April 9, 2015 in Book Reviews


Lord of Chaos

by Robert Jordan

987 pages

I know it is has been to long since you last got a chance to read one of my reviews. The next one will not be till  June after this. My family is moving to another city and all my books are now packed up. We can consider this a bit of a break and the near half way point of this series.

Now to get on with a review of Lord Of Chaos.

This book certainly begins some good story lines within this series. Our hero or maybe not hero, Rand Al Thor the Dragon Reborn, has started a school for men who have the ability to Channel. He has selected as his head master of the school Mazrim Taim, previous false dragon who escaped from the white tower. As part of his school he has declared amnesty for any man who can channel.

Moghedien, one of the Forsaken,  has been captured by Elayne and Nynaeve. She has been chained with an Adam, the collar and bracelet that can control a woman who can channel. Through her captivity both of them learn many things about the one power and advance their own abilities via her teaching. One thing they discover is how to heal one who has been stilled or cut off from the one power. Logain the false dragon and Siuan and company are then healed.  However, Moghedien’s identity must be kept secret from the Other Aes Sedai.

The White tower has been split into 2 factions. One is headed up by Elaida of the Red Ajah who was raised to Amyrlin after Siuan becomes deposed and barely manages to escape with her life. Siuane and those loyal to her have gathered at Salidar and have effectively created a rival tower to challenge Elaida.

The children of the light work to take advantage of this split in the White tower and work it to their own means. They have captured Queen Morgase of Andor whom Rand and everyone else believes to be dead. She is forced into signing a treaty with the children of the light.

Matt and his luck land him as leader of a group of soldiers fighting for Rand that come to calling themselves the Band of the Red Hand. Matt is still reluctant and not wanting to be a general but finds himself having no choice and fate has simply handed him this task.

Winter is supposed to be over yet the world is experiencing a tremendous drought with soaring temperatures and lack of rain. The drought is killing the land and becoming unbearable. However all is not lost as in the world of Tel Arad Rhiod a magical bowl is discovered that can alter the weather patterns of the world. Egwene the new Amyrlin of Salidar sends Elayne and Nynaeve off to find this bowl so that the weather of the world might be restored to its proper balance.

The Good

The key points in this book I felt were executed well and without issue. While this book does not focus so much on story development and progressing the Dragon Reborn world conquering wars, it does a good job of setting up for the next story arc that is coming in future books. The Setting up of the school for Men who can Channel and the amnesty shows that he is starting to build his Army. He has conquered what he will and has not made any further moves at this point but has become focused on holding what he has won.

This volume was effectively setting up for the next act in the story. The split in the tower and the organization of a rival tower was set up quite well. Focusing on getting these pieces in place I felt is and was important to continuing of the story. I like that it was not simply trying to move the story along and push it forward. Like in a Game of football you don’t want to just run with the ball you need to take some time to set up your play. That is what this book was doing for each of the respective players. Setting up the next play.

The final Battle with the Ashaman and Rand’s rescue was, I thought at least the best part of the book. It was fast, full of action, and quite entertaining. Rand’s predicament left him helpless and when a character is not so powerful that they cannot be defeated it makes for a much better story. His inability to protect himself despite all his powers and he needing his army to defend, rescue and protect him shows his vulnerability and weakness and adds some amazing and awesome character elements that every good story needs.

The Bad

I am finding our 3 primary female characters Elayne, Nynave and Egwene as still coming across childish, immature, self-important and entitled. Each thinking they know better than the other, especially the male characters. I can’t say I am liking this and was expecting them to mature as they went along. That is not happening much in this series While the male characters are showing much more maturing and development. These women need to grow up and realize they are not little girls anymore. Start trying to understand the men in the story instead of thinking them all “woolheaded” frustrating men who never listen.

Because this was a book more to set up future story line I do not think it needed to be as long as it was. There was much filler in this book that could have been taken out which seems to be for a lot of the middle volumes of Wheel Of Time. Some of the key events took too much time or to little time to go through. I would have made this book about 300 pages less. I have had some points that I found myself not really into it and getting board, But like I usually do I keep reading because I know that it will get better.

Rands capture and eventual rescue while certainly a good part of the book, could have easily been a book in and of itself. What I don’t like about this part of the story is that it happened so quick and was resolved so quick. Men who can channel are supposed to be taken to the tower to be tried before being cut off from the power. I feel that it would have been much better if his story here could have been drawn out, taken to the tower and rescued before his eventual stilling and execution. Perhaps an epic battle between Rands Ashaman and the tower would have been something to really add some amazing flavor to this story. Sadly that was I felt a oppurtunity that was missed out on.

I give this book 5/10 book worms, to much filler for a book that really only sets up future story line.