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Posted: December 13, 2015 in Book Reviews

towers of midnight

The Towers of Midnight

book 13 in the Wheel of Time

1219 pages by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

Ok now that I am done this I am just crazy excited to read the final volume in this epic fantasy series. This was an amazing book and despite it’s length I felt like it is a book that just whipped by with its fast paced, action packed, lively and adventurous story telling.

There is so much I loved about this book but for the purpose of this review I will have to only focus on a few key plot points and areas of the story.

Matt who has been chased across the world by the Gholam, a shadow spawned assassin with perfect camouflage and unbelievably fast reflects but fears the fox head medallion given to him by the “snakes” and “foxes” when he passed through the door to their world several volumes ago.

Matt has had enough of running for his life and seeing his friends and family killed off by the Gholam in its efforts to kill him. He finally starts to hunt the gholam for himelf,  till he has the epic and final clash with this creature of darkness. This is just awesome. Action packed. I was glued to the pages as the story and excitement of this battle comes to life. I could not help but cheer him on as he fought for his life in this epic final battle for his or the Gholams life.

His adventures don’t end there however as now he must rescue Moraine Sedai by going back to the realm of the “Snakes” and “Foxes”. He must bargain and strike a deal that will cost him half the light of the world to free her as she is needed for the final and last battle.

Elayne, borrows Matt’s medallion to make her own copies, which in the end help to save her life as she has what can only be described as a climatic battle with the black Ajah.

Egwene, using the world of dreams, Tel Ariad Rhiod, to communicate and meet in secret plots to lure the black Ajah to the world of dreams in order to finish them off. If one dies in the world of dreams, they die in the waking world as well. This battle nearly destroys her and her allies as she finds her self trapped and unable to wake while assassins spread through the White tower to finish her off.

Perrin spends much of his story line in the wolf dream. Here he must battle slayer, one who hunts the wolves and traps him and his army by use of a dream spike. He must also learn who he is and how to control the world of dreams. He soon finds himself taking part in the dream world battle for the white tower as he fights slayer. He must learn who he is and finally fully accept himself not only as young bull the wolf but as leader of his people.

The wolf dream is by far one of my favorite parts of this whole story line. In the dream we see Perrin’s struggle to come to terms with the reality of who he is. We can see the epic battle between the wolf and man who is in him and his constant fight, and final acceptance of the wolf that he is, and yet a man as well.

As this volume winds up the scene is very effectively set for the epic and final last battle. The armies of the world gather as Rand prepares to break the remaining seals on the dark ones prison.

I Can honestly say that I am crazy excited to finally get to reading the final and epic conclusion to what has been, by far one of the greatest fantasy series I have ever had the pleasure of reading!.

This series of books is just incredible. The story telling is pure joy. I hate to put any one of these books down. This book has no down side. Every part of the book is riveting and makes you want more and more. Just amazing and fabulous!

I would most definitely recommend picking up this series for anyone. While certainly not a short-winded series as each volume is 600 + pages long. It is well worth the read and the time. I promise you that.

I give this book a final rating of 10/10 book worms!!

Read it! you won’t regret it!