Posted: October 26, 2016 in Book Reviews


The Demon King by Cinda William Chima

506 pages

The Demon King is the first book in the 7 realms series. The fells are one of the 7 Realms and it seems the only realm that is not at war with itself or others. Raisa is the Princess Heir and her mother, the Queen is doing her best to find a suitor for her to marry her off as soon as Possible.

Han, former gang leader in the city of Fellmarch, now retired from the gang life is trying to make a living and supporting his sister and mother. For as long as he can remember he has worn silver cuffs which it seems are impossible to remove.

The Bayers are the realms greatest and most powerful wizarding family who are in the Queens circle and seem to be exerting greater influence and control over the Queen to the concern of those around her.

It’s been 1,000 yrs since the world was nearly destroyed by the Demon King. This Demon King was a wizard king and as a result of that wizards were banned from marrying royalty to prevent anything like that from happening again. The Bayer family however uses their influence to arrange for the marriage of their son to the Princess against the naeming, which is the accord that prevents this from happening.

The tribal Clans of the mountains have control over all magical amulets which give the wizards their power. These amulets magical properties are made by and distributed by the Clans. They do not last forever keeping wizards in perpetual dependence on their control, production and distribution. The naeming accords prevent wizards from being in possession of any magical amulets made prior to these accords and ever since then the Clans have had full control of them.

Han, While out with a friend encounters Micah Bayer, who gets arranged marriage set up to the princes, and takes from him an amulet that is not only powerful but illegal. He does not know who he is stealing from however and soon learns that the Bayers are now after him to get it back.

This first book is a good set up for this former street lord and Princess to cross paths a few times and can see where their story is heading for their fates to meet again in the next volume. Perhaps on better terms than their first meeting this time.

Perhaps I am looking to much into things but I love what seems to me to be a subtle but well planned element of this story. The Bayer family is the worlds most powerful wizarding family. Bayer is also, arguably one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies valued at over 200 billion dollars. pharmaceutical has its root words in the biblical Pharmakei which means enchantment, magic, wizradry, sorcery etc… It seems to me that this is the perfect name for such a powerful wizard family.

Princess Raisa, it seems, is a strong-willed intelligent girl who is frustrated with the reality of her life. She hates the fact that she cannot marry when she is ready, or to who she wants to marry. She feels desperately under education in the world and is desperate to find a way out. If there is one thing I love about her character it is her strong will and determination to break through the barriers of her upbringing and conditioning.

Han’s Character is desperately trying to leave behind a life of gang banging. It’s a life that can’t ever seem to leave him alone. He is constantly having to watch his back. The local law enforcement suspects him of murders he had nothing to do with. It seems he will never be able to fully leave it behind. Now however he has an opportunity to do just that and he has accepted it.

Overall I give this book a 7/10 book worms and look forward to reading the next volume.

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