Posted: November 9, 2016 in Book Reviews


The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima

The second book of the Seven Realms series

586 pages

Princess Raisa has run away from home and taken on the identity of Rebecca Morely. Accompanied by her good friend Amon Byrne and his triple of soldiers as her guard she runs off to Wein house, the world renoun military school at Odens Ford.

Here she is enrolled in classes under the new identity to learn everything from art and music to history, politics and war fare.

Hanson Alister, former street lord fo the Raggers who has lost everything has fled the fells for his life and own safety. Hanson must make a deal with the clans to pay his tuition at the wizarding school mysterwick house, also at Odens Ford.

Here me meets and makes a deal with a mysterious wizard who goes by the name of Crow all the while fighting for his very survival against the Bayers who also are at the school.

By the end of this book, both our main characters time at the schools have been cut short and find themselves returning home to face trials that have been set against them. Han however does not yet know who Rebecca Morely is.

Han met this mysterious wizard, who has gone by the name of Crow in the world of dreams which is called in this book Aediion. Within this world one can change everything around them and bend the perception to their own will. One could meet up with anyone from any where in the world at any place in the world within this world. The danger is very real in that magic is real and can harm you within this world as well. This is a really cool and very awesome concept and Idea, however it is not original by any means and not by a longshot.

This Aediion comes across to me as essentially a forged, or copied rip off of Tel Aran Rhiod from Robert Jordans Wheel of Time. Everything detail and aspect of this dream world as described is virtually identical. From magic being a very real threat to how people perceive themselves and change the environment around them to match their needs or perceptions of what they want. This unoriginal idea put forth this story line, for me at least, causes this book to lose points for lack of originality in writing.

Overall I did however enjoy the book and feel that it was not all bad. Han seems to be struggling with his own inner demons. Torn between worlds and the demands of his agreements and his own personal needs for vengeance against the Bayers and hate for royalty, all the while unknowingly falling for Princess Raisa, known to him as Rebecca Morely.

Raisa, AKA Rebecca Morely, is forced to head back home and possibly have to get married to someone whom she does not love and does not want to marry, now must face the burden of possibly becoming the queen if she cannot save her mother from the influence of the Bayers.

Overall I would give this book a 5/10 book worms, would have been at least 6 if not for the copied world of dreams.


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