Shadow of a Dark Queen

Posted: June 17, 2016 in Book Reviews

shadow of a dark queen

Shadow of a Dark Queen

By Raymond E Feist

497 pages

In A small village on the world of Midkemia there lives a Boy named Erik Von Darkmoor who is the bastard son of the ruler of this part of the world. His mother, in vain has been trying for years to get his son recognized as the rightful heir but he is never acknowledged.

When Erik and his Friend Roo kill to protect their friend who is being raped, they kill the wrong man and soon find themselves being hunted by the prince to avenge his brother’s death. They must flee but are eventually caught and sentenced to death by hanging.

The Sauur, also known as snakes or lizard men are waging war across midkemia in order to conquer the land for their queen whom they revere as a messiah or savior. She is their God whom they worship and believe they will be rulers along side her when her reign comes in its full glory.

However in the least expected way they manage to escape their fate only to be recruited with no other options for something entirely different from what they are or ever have been used to.

One of Raymond E Feists characters, the legendary magician Pug makes his entrance but plays a minor role in this, the first book of the serpent war saga. His role, while minor seems to be setting up for a larger part to play in up coming volumes of this series. A new character joins in named Miranda. At this point we don’t know much about her or who she is but she does appear to be someone of influence and power. She embarks on a search for Pug who has been in hiding for a while.

Raymond E Feist’s world of Midkemia is not just Midkemia. Within his world there are secret or magical entrances to a place called the hall of the worlds. This hall contains doorways to 10’s of thousands of other worlds. The creatures and people within this universe he has created travel between worlds via this hall of the worlds. However only those who are the most powerful can even find the entrance. This has the effect of limited access to those who may have intents for good or evil and are the most powerful of all the inhabitants in the universe. Because of this they are able to take advantage of those without these abilities.

Pug and Miranda know that this Emerald queen of the lizard people must be stopped but they have a dilemma. The key to stopping her and her lizard army is Macros the Black, who is not exactly known as a good guy. They must find him yet he has been gone for so long he may as well be myth or legend. Macros the black however may be their only hope of ending this conflict.

I look forward to seeing how this story plays out in the next book in the series, Rise of a Merchant Prince

Overall I give this book 6/10 book worms. It is not terrible fantasy, and I would not put it up there as amazing but overall good and enjoyable.

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