A Crown of Swords

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Book Reviews


A crown of Swords Book 7 Wheel of Time

855 Pages by Robert Jordan

Well I finally got through this volume in the Wheel of Time series. I just don’t get as much reading time as I used to. But thats life.

A Crown of Swords picks up right where Lord of Chaos left off with Rand Al Thor being held by the Red Ajah and being escorted back to the white tower. Rand who is helplessly trapped and boxed up as well as shielded from reaching saiden is waiting for the right moment to strike. His friends and Ashaman come to the rescue with his Aiel warriors and wise ones. The Battle to free Rand is intense and action packed way to open up this volume in the series. After the battle, re-organization of the camp begins. They have taken many Aes Sedai prisoner who had capture Rand. The prisoners are turned over to the Aiel wise ones to be dealt with.

Rand and company arrive back in Cairhien only to find that Covalere has been crowned queen. Rand who is not happy with this declares he will see justice done and declares his intents for Elayne Trakand to be queen of both Cairhein and Andor.

In the meantime Pedron Niall has been assassinated and Valda becomes the new Lord Captain Commander of the whitelcoaks while Elaida who is Amyrlin in the white tower begins her plan to launch an attack on Rands Black tower while the Rebel Aes Sedai who is headed by the Amyrlin Egwene marches on the white tower.

All is not well however in the rebel Aes Sedai camp as Moghedien has escaped with help and panic sets in for those that know before it becomes common knowledge than one of the forsaken has been hiding in the camp with Egwene’s knowledge.

Morgase, who was being held by the whitelcoaks in Amador soon finds herself and the city under attack by the Seanchin after Pedron Niall’s death.  She encounters damane, women who can channel who are chained and collared and controlled. She is handed an ultimatum by the Seanchin to either relinquish the throne of Andor to them or face death and destruction. In secret she gives up the thrones and passes it to Elayne in a desperate effort to prevent disaster.

Matt had been sent off to Ebou Dar to bring Elayne and Nynaeve back safely, but of course they are not cooperative to Matt’s frustration. Matt is stuck between these 2 stubborn women who refuse to see reason and a queen who will stop at nothing to make Matt hers.

In Ebour dar the search for the bowl of the winds continues with what seems to be little to no success. The Bowl however is finally discovered but not without a climatic battle between Matt, his soldiers, Elayne, Nynaeve, a Gholam and black sisters.

For only 855 pages there was quite a bit happening in this volume. Considering the other books in the series of longer length with less going on this was a very good thing. The book does not leave you board at any part and wanting to read more.

Some of my favorite parts of the book would have to be the epic battle scenes that start and finish this book. Starting with Rands rescue to his glorious entrance into Illian would be an amazing sight to behold. I would love to see this on the big screen or small screen TV series adaption but only if done right.

It would seem some main character’s have all but disappeared and have begun to play a small if any role in this book and series on a whole. Perrin has a very small presence and is hardly in this volume at all while the faithful companion Loial has pretty much dropped out of the picture all together. I am certainly curious as to how their stories are going.

Some ongoing themes in this series of books seem to be focused on the battle of the sexes. For me I feel like this is becoming too much and overdoing it. Both the Men and Women in these books constantly thinking of how frustrating and annoying the other sex is. Sometimes it gets to the point where it has been overdone and we don’t need to keep hearing about it constantly. At this point I am sure we won’t forget.

When all is said and done however this volume of the series is a huge improvement over the previous books for story pace, development and action. It is a book that keeps me reading and looking forward to the next volume. I feel as though at this point I have gotten to know each of the characters quite well. I understand them and want to continue to learn more about them as we continue in this Adventure of The Wheel of Time.

There are still some story arcs that have been suggested in previous volumes that have yet to be fulfilled. such as the cleansing of the taint from saiden. The wound in Rand’s side is an ever-present reminder of the taint and makes me wonder if that will be healed in time. The taint on saiden and the wound in Rands side, both taints of evil that must be abolished at some point. But how, and will it ever happen?

So much of this story and Rand’s success hinges on Rand keeping his sanity. For the whole world we must continue to have hope. A crown of swords has been laid on Rands head, will he be able to hold the world together for the final battle? only time will tell.

I give this volume in the Wheel of Time 9/10 book worms. I look forward to reading the next book in the series The Path of Daggers.

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