The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Movie Review

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Books to Screen reviews


And now for my first movie review based on a book. One I hope Is nothing like the movie

So I recently watched The Mortal Instruments City of Bones on movie central. I figured that since I plan on reading the book I might as well watch the movie. Movies rarely if ever live up the books in so many ways. I do not expect that this movie would give a full real picture of this story in any way.

This story as you already know if you have seen it or read the book has a kind of Gothic feel to it. Shadow hunters who live their lives hunting demons.  A young Girl named Clarissa finds her self, after the mysterious disappearance of her mother caught up in a world she did not even know existed till now. She soon gets involved with an unusual Gothic guy who does his best to help her understand what is going on.

As for the movie. IT WAS TERRIBLE. I can honestly say probably one of the worst cliche filled movies I have ever watched. Everything in the movie screams of lack of originality and just generally a terrible film. The Star Wars wanna be plot became so predictable that I could barely tolerate watching till the end. Surprise surprise Jace and Clarissa are brother and sister and only find out after they Kiss. Does anyone remember that plot twist in star wars between Luke and Leia. I certainly do. You won’t believe what other plot twist also makes an appearance. Ok maybe you will. The bad guy, Valentine is Clarissa and Jaces father. Sound familiar. Wasn’t Darth Vader Luke and Leia’s father. The Copy cat plot twist stank of a star wars rip off that it really turned me off any future movies for this series.

And of course in typical Star Wars fashion Jace, aka Luke has a fight with Valentine aka Darth Vader and finds himself about to be sent into the portal, Aka the deep dark shaft of death on the Death Star.

Lets not forget a group of magical kids living at the “institute” learning magic and seeing things in the world that no one else can. Lets not forget that the institute is hidden from non magical eyes from the rest of the world. Sounds a bit too much like Hogwarts and harry potter to me. I was just waiting for the sorting hat or some other sorting object to come out and sort Clarissa into her house or some other category. And of course at the head of this institute is a funny old man who knows everything but does not like to tell you everything.

Could this movie get any more Un-original. This was just too much a Star wars crossed with harry potter and twilight for my liking. I am told that the books are far better and the movie just did not do it justice. I can only hope that is right. I don’t think I could handle this in book form if this is what I can expect. This movie should never have been made. It is horrible. It is terrible . And to be honest makes me want to burn the book almost,  But I will hold off until I read it later on.

If I were to give this movie a rating 0/10 should just about do it. Though that is being generous.  There are just no redeeming qualities to this film. It is horrible. Do not watch it. And if you have, I am sorry you wasted 2 hours of your life on it.


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