Posted: June 20, 2014 in Book Reviews


Divergent by Veronica Roth

487 pages

Divergent. A world of segregation by faction. There are 5 main factions in this world that could easily be the world we live in today.

The Dauntless home of the brave. Where you face your fears head on. Their motto might as well be YOLO. They live a life of stunts and dare-devil reality facing their fears day in and day out.

Candor the faction devoted to truth. They speak their minds without thought for who it will offend or hurt. The only thing that matters is the truth as they see it. They believe the world would be better if everyone just told the truth all the time and kept no secrets.

Abnegation the faction of selflessness. They spend their lives only thinking of others. They are the leaders of this society as they are believed to be incapable of corruption. This is the faction our main character Beatrice or Tris comes from.

Erudite lives for the pursuit of knowledge above all else. It is thought through the pursuit of knowledge that the world can advance and knowledge is what gives us limitless possibilities.

Amity the faction of peace. They believe that peace must be obtained at all costs. There is no higher ideal that peace and only through peace can the world survive.

Beatrice has come of age along with her brother and the day of the testing comes. Through this test they learn which faction they belong in before the day of choosing. Beatrice test however do not come back with any conclusive results. She is Divergent. She does not understand what this means and how it will affect her but she is warned not to reveal this to anyone under any circumstances.

On the day of choosing she chooses to join the dauntless faction and undergoes rigorous testing through the dauntless initiation process. This process involved self-defense and fighting skills, test of bravery and facing you fears. Through this testing her trainer, known as Four, soon figures out she is divergent as she has the ability to manipulate the tests from within.

A plot is soon uncovered and she discovers why it is so dangerous to be Dauntless.

This book like a lot of other young adult novels is set in a dystopian world with teens as the main characters in the story. The idea of segregation in our societies are not new. Divergent however brings a unique perspective and setting to this type of story.

I love how this story used drug injections to stimulate psychotropic hallucinations in the minds of the ones being tested. The very idea in itself is a scary and daunting thought. Perhaps because I have had first hand experience with psychotropic drugs myself that I have such a strong connection with this idea in this book. I can see how this can happen and may be to some extent already happening, using mind altering drugs to control the behavior and thought processes of those involved.

The story itself however Is not wholly orignal in its making. That by itself however does not detract from the story in any way. The writing style is simple and effective and keeps the reader interested in the story. Because it was an easy read I found myself reading upwards of 100 pages a day.

As for criticism I really can’t find much about this book to criticize. It really was overall a great book and an awesome story, while the idea of a dystopian world is not new as many other books such as the hunger games are set in such a world it still makes for a really good story. I look forward to reading the next 2 volumes whenever I get around to it.

I give his book 6/10 book worms




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