Posted: October 5, 2013 in Book Reviews


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This compilation of short stories about Sherlock Holmes takes place in the late 1800’s in England follows the adventures or mysteries of Sherlock Holmes and his partner Doctor Watson.

Sherlock who is famous for his powers of deduction solves mysterys ranging from thefts, missing persons cases and murders. Taking clues from what seems to be insignificant pieces of information and putting them together to tell often bizzare and strange tales of greed, love, lusts, vegence and murder.

The good, I enjoyed the short story format it was a good break from the normal novel lenght stories I read. While I was never really thinking I wonder what happenned next it was fun to see how he solved the case and reasoned his way to a conclusion. Makes for a quick and fun read.

The bad. This book reads like a summary of a story and really does not give the reader much of a reason to continue reading. You know almost from the beggining what happenned. It reads more like a summary rather than taking you through the story from beggining to end. There is no following of the characters. No story development. No character development and really does not give you any reason to continue. The character gives you a narratvie then Sherlock basicaly tells you he has solved it and tells you how. Occassionally going through a narritive of some addtional investigation himself.

If you like the short story format then this might be a good read for you, however it is not to my liking or personal style preferences

I give this book 4/10 bookworms and honestley cant recommend it unless you want a simple narrative and short story

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  2. chococatania says:

    I haven’t read the books, but I have to say that the BBC show Sherlock is really great. You should check it out.

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