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The Heroes of Olympus book 5: The Blood of Olympus

By Rick Riordan

502 pages

This is the 5th book in the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series and the Kane Chronicles. Both series of which I have reviewed so be sure to check those reviews out as well on this blog.

The two camps, Camp jupiter where all the children of the Roman Gods and Camp Half Blood with all the children of the Greek gods are at war. They are at war because their parents, the Roman and Greek gods are at war. In the mean time Gaea, the earth Goddess is awakening which is wreaking havoc across the world as she wished to dominate the globe. She can only be defeated if the Greeks and Romans work together in a united force.

In order to heal the rift the Statue of Athena Parthenon must be returned to camp Half-Blood as a gift from the Romans to mend and heal the wound inflicted by this divide. A quest of 7 Demi Gods has been undertaken. These 7 Demi Gods, a mix of Roman and Greek demigods, must work together and set aside their differences to accomplish the goal.

The 7 Demi Gods who go on this quest are Jason, Piper, Nico, Annabeth, Percy, Hazel and Frank. In order to awaken Gaea her minions need the blood of 2 Demi Gods, hence the blood of Olympus.

Jason: Son of Jupiter (The Roman alter ego of Zeus) child of Rome. He inherited from his father the Ability to control and manipulate the air and fly. This also gives him the means to manipulate the weather, control the Venti (air spirits) and created and control lightning and other forms of electricity.

Piper: Daughter of Aphrodite, greek God. As a daughter of Aphrodite the Love god she can control and manipulate the emotions of love, lust as well as control beauty. She can read others emotions and use a power call Charm speak which cause others to fall under her influence through her words.

Nico: Son of Hades, Greek God. He has the power to control death and call forth the dead to do his bidding. This also gives him the ability to Shadow travel around the world by by-passing the living world and travel through death to re-emerge else where.

Annabeth: Daughter of the Greek God Athena. She has the ability to strategize and utilize any weapon with expertise that she gets a hold of, irregardless of whether she has used it before. She is also gifted with supernatural wisdom.

Percy: Son of Greek God Poseidon. Being the son of the sea-god he can breath under water as well control the oceans, rivers, lakes etc to his advantage

Hazel: Daughter of Roman God Pluto. Hazel has the ability to sense, detect and find underground passages as well as precious metals, minerals, elements etc.. She can also manipulate the mist which obscures the god world from human sight.

Frank: Son of the Roman God Mars. Frank has the ability to shape shift into difference animals as well as the powers of necromancy giving him control over the fallen soldiers.

The 7 Demi Gods board their ship, The Argo 2, Along side coach Hedge and have headed out on their quest to capture, and deliver the Athena Parthenon. But of course it’s not as simple as retrieving the statue and being on their merry way. They must battle lesser gods, traps, death, monsters, giants, ghosts and their own division etc… all of which stand in their way. Not so easy when you’re a group of teenagers barely out of or still in highschool trying to figure out your love life let alone trying to save the world.

Rick Riordan has taken myth and legend of ancient Roman and Greek religions and blended them with modern-day life in America and the world in general. While his books are mainly written for the tween/teen audience, I still find them quite enjoyable. I have really come to like how he has blended humor with action and drama into his books. And of course throwing in the odd reference to other religious ideas and biblical events . (for example the god of healing was said to have gotten into a lot of trouble the first time he made the physicians cure and rose someone from the dead. It caused way to much trouble for the gods of Rome and Greece and he was put under an oath to never do it again. After all the Jesus guy really caused a lot of trouble for the established religions of the day)

I honestly don’t have much more to say about this book other than it was a fun and enjoyable read, it may have been written for the tween/teen audience but it is still worth reading if you are not a teenager. Its magic, its fun, its gods, its high adventure and just overall an entertaining read.

I give this book 7/10 book worms. check it out

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