Posted: March 18, 2017 in Book Reviews

Hunters Run

By George R R Martin, Gardner Dozois and Danile Abraham

276 pages

This book is a collaboration of 3 different authors over a 30 year period. All of the authors were young at the time they made their contrubutions and by the Time it was done George R R Martin was an old fart writing Game of Thrones. And come on who is with me on this, how long is it going to take for that guy to write that series. We are waiting George if your reading this come on. Anyway let’s get onto the review of Hunters Run.

So we have this guy named Ramon. He is from Earth. Mexico to be more precise. He took off on a alien space ship with a bunch of colonist to settle a world name Sao Paulo. This world was settled by Brazilians originally so it was named after the city in Brazil.

Ramon is your stereo typical mexican bad ass. He is always getting bar fights, and fighting with his girlfriend. You know a real tough guy. He has a problem in that he gets drunk and gets in fights. Big trouble maker. he is a independent prospecter and spends his times looking for resources. Well one day he picks a fight in a bar and ends up killing an ambassador. Now he is on the run for his life.  He decides to pack up and leave town and goes well beyond where anyone has previously explored on Sao Paulo.

While he is out prospecting he stumbles upon something no one else knows exist. There are these aliens that have been hiding on the planet all the this time. And they do not want to be found. They are hiding from an even greater threat to their species. So what do they do, of course they try to prevent Ramon from getting back to civilization and telling everyone about them. So naturally being a bad ass he gets in a fight with these aliens.

Next thing you know, he is waking up in this strange place. He does not know what happened, how he got there or where he is. Its dark, black and seeming nothingness. Before he knows it he has been leashed by these aliens and is now effectively their hunting dog. They have full control of him and he is told that he must hunt the other guy who is on his way back to civilization. Ramon just figures that the guy he is hunting is a cop who had tracked him down and was looking for him.

It turns out that Ramon is not Ramon but in fact a clone and he has been hunting himself. He is forced in a very real and psychological sense to come to terms with who he is and his own identity. He must work with himself but also sees all the things he hates about himself. His very survival is dependent on conquering himself and accepting who he is. His face to face struggle is a great analogy for our own internal struggle.

I found this to be a great concept for this book. I love how well this worked in the book. It could have very well been expanded and could have easily gone beyond a single book. The concept of our own internal struggle put into a real physical fight for survival in which our biggest barrier and struggle to our survival is ourselves. This was a fascinating way to explore this issue and I really liked how it came together.

Overall I give this book a 6/10 book worms. A good read.

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