Posted: March 10, 2017 in Book Reviews

I have been working hard to encourage my kids to read more. I don’t mind them spending time on you tube or sitting in front of the tv watching their favorite shows. This is after all the digital age and where our culture gets their entertainment. Perhaps I am still too old school but reading I find is good for the soul, mind and heart. It is a healthy and great way to start the day and gets me ready for the days labors when I spend time in the morning reading my books as I drink my coffee.

Recently I made the decision to digitally ground my eldest daughter due to a problem that came up. I gave her the opportunity to earn he way out of digital grounding if she would commit to finishing a book she had started and submit to me a report or review on the book itself. What she thought of the book, what she liked or did not like. The story line and plot. Essentially a book review which I agreed I would share on this book review blog so the whole world can read it. She took this opportunity to do just that so without further ado, Here is the Review of



Dear Dumb Diary: The Problem with Here is That It’s where I’m from is a really good book as well as the first five before it. I love it.

The main characters of the book are Jamie Kelly, Isabella and Angeline.

The plot of this book is: Colette a student from Wodehouse Middle School put a can of spoiled cat food in the heating system causing it to make a really bad smell. It will take a few weeks to fix it, so the students are being transferred to different schools and Mackerel Middle School is one of the schools. Jamie is thrilled about this because, in her classes she is learning about foreign countries and because the other students are not from her school it is like they’re from a foreign school. Jamie is partnered up with Angeline on a project. The project is learning about different cultures though writing. Angeline and Jamie are doing graffiti.

What I like about it is that it is from Jamie’s point of view and Jamie’s description of characters and things for example: T.U.K.W.N.I.F (that ugly kid whose name I forgot), and Margaret chews pencils and burps super loud. The chapters are short. In chapter 14 I think it is funny that Jamie calls urinals boy toilets.

The one main thing I don’t really like about it is the pictures they are very distracting from the rest of the page as I’m trying to read.

Hope you enjoyed the report.

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