Posted: January 22, 2017 in Book Reviews

krondor the assassins

Krondor: The Assassins

By Raymond E Feist

350 Pages

In the last book the plot line of the Nighthawks coming back in force was beginning to build up but there was not a lot of focus on that part of the plot line or story.

Krondor: The Assassins is pritty much entirely focused on the Nighthawks and their secret lair in a abandon fortress in the desert. Prince Arutha and his trusty side kicks Jimmy the hand and William, son of duke Pug set out to find this hidden lair and march forth with their army to destroy the Nighthawks.

Seems simple enough right. A well-trained army going up against a small bad of assassins in a former military base. What could possibly go wrong. You know except for dark occult necromancers, demons being summoned via human blood sacrifice, Shadow assassins that can’t be harmed by any weapons known to man, predatory animal possession being used as weapons etc…  Easy. Right?

Well, naturally not so easy as that. But this challenge certainly makes for some dramatic and exciting story telling. As usual Raymond E Feist does not disappoint. Every step of the way there is something happening that brings the reader excitement and adventure with every page. Our heroes are left without the advantage of magic on their side but going against the darkest and most occult magic they have faced. It seems that Pug, the worlds greatest magician is nowhere to be found and our characters must battle these challenges on their own.

Someone is trying to start a war and wreak havoc and chaos. The dark forces true motives and plans are yet to be revealed as magicians all around Krondor are being killed off one by one. But I supposed as usual they probably are looking to destroy the world which seems a typical objective in these fantasy novels. To be honest I never saw the point of destroying the world as it would leave you with nothing left to rule, but hey it certainly makes for some fun story telling.

I honestly thought this was a great read. It was fun, fast paced, high energy and even had the occasional bit of humor thrown into the mix. It kept me reading and set up the final volume in the Riftwar Legacy to be an exciting conclusion.

I give this volume a 7/10 book worms and hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

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