Posted: January 9, 2017 in Book Reviews


Hellhole: Inferno

By Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson

518 pages

The Constellation has suffered a huge set back and once again has been defeated by General Aldolphus and his Deep Zone independent Army. But not all the worlds are happy with this independence and they want to return to the Tyranny of the Constellation.

Diadem Duchenet has fled after destroying and turning a portion of the Capital city into glass while desperately trying to portray her self as a savior from the alien threat of the Xayans. She does not know yet however that she has been replaced by an even more ruthless and blood thirsty tryant who will stop at nothing to destroy the deep zone and retake control. Retired General Hallholme has been dispatch with a new and improved fleet with shielding to protect against Xayan telemancy.

The Xayans who are trying to reach their racial destiny Ala’ru however, have their enemy factions. The Ro-Xayans who know the truth about this dangerous ascension which will and can hold the power to destroy the universe and remake it in their own desired way. They have dispatched a striked force composed of 20 massive asteroids using their telemancy powers aimed directly at Hellhole to destroy the planet for good and prevent this from happening.

General Aldolphus is caught between two seemingly unstoppable forces with the power to destroy his world and no way to save his people from total and complete destruction.

This was really a good book and I really enjoyed reading it. The discoveries of the true nature of the Xayan’s Ala’ru and the desperation of all parties involved created a story of high intensity and desperate characters. All parties, seemingly with opposing ideals of good and what is right, come together in a 3 way conflict that seems unresolvable.

It has often been said by many soldiers and military personnel when asked why the did the things they did that they would often respond with “I was just following orders” like any good soldier would. The oft noted military phrase “It’s not to question why but to do and die”

We see within this book orders coming down from what is in effect the commander-in-chief and a military leader, the Diadem of the constellation. General Hallholme is a man struggling with his loyalty to the Diadem and his own moral conscience of what is right and wrong. Does he refused to follow the orders given him and betray his oaths of service to a tyrannical leader, or does he follow his conscience and betray everything he has ever lived for, his empire and leaders?

As his story progresses we can see his personal struggle and realization of this dilemma. We can see how he changes throughout the story as he comes to terms with who the real enemy is.

I really enjoyed this book and feel that it was something well worth reading. The series did not start out very well but as each book went on it got better and better. This really was a good end to this story and wrapped up well leaving lots of room for additional stories in this universe that Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson has created.

Overall I give this book 6.5/10 bookworms and the series as a whole 6/10 book worms.

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