Posted: December 16, 2016 in Book Reviews


Earth Awakens by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston

395 pages

Earth first was unaware, Then the Earth was Afire and now it has awakened to the threat of the first formic invasion of Earth.

The Formics have landed and begun to terrorize the citizens of Earth. They have landed in China and are burning cities to the ground. The military cannot fight them off and the Earth is still so divided that their has been no organized offensive to the alien threat.

Ukko Jukes of Jukes limited seems to be the only one who is working towards saving the world in any formal cooperation with the free miners from the asteroid belt. Victor and Imala have been in the Formic ship and have gained valuable intel into how the Formic ship operates and its weakness.

Mazer Rackham is working with the MOP’S (Mobile Operations Police), A kind of international peace keeping military organization. Uniting with both the Chinese and Indian militaries and with the intelligent mind of young Bingwen (of course it’s a kid, this is Cards trademark. You didn’t really expect that their would not be a kid involved now did you?)

These insectoid like aliens are a threat that the Earth had never imagined possible. The people are burning and dying by the millions. The Earths crops are being destroyed by flesh melting acid sprayed by the Formics. It is a scene of pure terror and horror beyond our worst nightmares.

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Card and Johnston in this case lose some points for stereo types. Bingwen the asian tech genius who figures out how to solve all the problems revolving around computers, tech etc. The playing up of this stereo type is highly over rated and over done in way to many stories and forms of media.

Bingwen is overall a loveable kid as all of Cards children are. You can’t help but love him because of the tragic nature of his story and experience. Card is an expert and creating characters that are children that are truly tragic in so many ways.

While part of the Enders game saga, this book is not by a long shot anywhere as good as Enders Game. Honestly however I think that you would be doing yourself a dis-service to expect this to be on par. Given that this is giving the back story to the classic Enders Game I do not think Card honestly could have done a better job. The nature of this book does not give the same ability to examine the morality, ethics, and politics that Enders Game was able to do. What it does do however is show us how the world government, global hegemony came into being. This series as well as the second Formic war series which I have yet to buy, but I am sure will be in the near future, is really just going back in time by about a century to gives us the back story to Enders Game.

This is a book about war and the formation of a world government via the Global crisis that forces Humanity together.

The details of this war and the Formic invasion is overall still a great read. This entire series is fast paced, high energy and packed full of action and excitement. Like many other Card books there is plenty of politics and ethical dilemmas that the characters must overcome to achieve the objectives, and not always in a moral or ethical proper way.

I loved this book and every other book he has ever written in the Enderverse. Great read and well worth it. I would highly recommend it to anyone and can’t wait to get the second formic war trilogy. Though I expect that will be a while as I have plenty more to get through on my shelf at the moment before I buy a bunch more.

I Give this book, and overall series, 7/10 book worms.

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