The Crimson Crown

Posted: December 5, 2016 in Book Reviews


The Crimson Crown by Cinda Williams Chima

598 pages

The final book in the Seven Realms series.

The Kingdom of the Fells is on the brink of civil war. The Wizards councils is conspiring against the crown. The Kingdom’s Army has turned traitor and laid siege to the Castle and home of Princess Raisa. Han Alister, newly elected High wizard has been captured by the Bayers who are seeking to kill him after they discover the secret to his success and how he found the Armory of the Gifted Kings.

The Fells has been invaded by the south While under siege by their own army. It seems the situation is hopeless. The country is divided. Flatlanders, Demonai, Wizards are all distrustful of each other. Raisa must find a way to unite them to save her kingdom.

Han holds the secret to unifying this country on the brink of war from invaders and itself. He holds the secret to the Armory of the Gifted kings. But can he unite them in time to save the kingdom? You will just have to read the book to find out.

This was a good conclusion to this 4 Volume series and played out well. Though like most stories the climax came very close to the end of the story with a lot of build up and very brief execution. This seems to be common with a lot of writers and I would like to see the climax involved a longer struggle in the process.

The one drawback to this book is that with Han’s contact with the ghost of gifted kings past, the demon king, it seems that he has been given all the answers as he went a long. I loved that he had access to this throughout the series, but sometimes just the fact that someone else is giving him all the answers seems to take away from what I find to be and exciting part of any story, which is how the character manages to discover, and learn on their own from the clues and information they gather.

The series as a whole however is good and enjoyable read. Like many fantasy novels and series it does not start at the beginning of this worlds history but rather somewhere in the middle of the world’s history. There is plenty within these 4 books that provides opportunity to write about the first demon king and what happened there. We get snippets and glimpses of the story. We get the general idea but not the details which leaves it open to so much more.

One of the things I really liked about this book is that it demonstrates the principle or idea that our history is written by the victors. Often history is presented in a manner that makes those who won look like the good guys while those who lost are the bad guys. That is not always the case. What is considered factual history may not be the truth as it really was, but rather a version of the truth that is colored by bias and has been warped, distored and twisted to make those who won look to be much better than they really were.

The ending also leaves room to write about future events. The invasion from the south, while dealt with for the moment, the threat has not been ended. But for now we can be happy that our characters get to have some time for themselves as they work towards rebuilding what is left of their kingdom and unifying themselves so that they may be able to deal with the threat from the south.

Overall this series and this book is a good read and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy that is not too complicated of a story or plot line. Overall I found this to be an easy read and enjoyable for the young adult reading level and up.

I give this book 6.5/10 book worms.

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