Posted: November 23, 2016 in Book Reviews


The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Chima Williams

517 pages

Book 3 in the Seven Realms series

Raisa has returned home after a year in exile. Amon Byrne and Han have also returned and have secured the positions of personal guard to Raisa.

The queen has died and Raisa must claim her throne before the Wizards council takes advantage of the power vacuum and crown her younger sister as Queen instead.

The politics of the Realms proves to be much more complicated than Raisa realizes and trying to balance everyone’s demands while securing her authority and power proves to be a daunting tasks. She already has enemies before her re-appearance, and she has created more in the process of returning and disrupting plans for the throne.

The Gray Wolf line it seems has the ability to see visions and has been given the Gift of prophecy. As each queen dies she joins the Gray Wolf pack that can only been seen by the Gray Wolf Line. Princess Raisa, now queen often seeks counsel and advice from the Gray Wolfs, who appear to her.

Like most mystical Shaman like characters in stories, the advice and counsel given is in vague terms, and while good advice does not help to determine what should be done. Leaving the one seeking counsel to decide for themselves and left to hope for the best, but giving the strength and confidence needed to move forward.

One thing I am finding with this series is it reads much like a typical teen book series, such as Harry Potter. The style in general makes it easy to follow the story with little to no confusion. It allows for more in-depth story telling, without the complexity of stories like Game of Thrones, or Dune.

Raisa has made some dramatic changes, spurned some powerful people and generally cause chaos everywhere she has gone since returning. There have been numerous attempts on her life but she has survived them all. Will her nation be at war? Will it be Civil War? Will it be both?

The answer to those questions will have to wait till the next review.

Overall I think this is a good book. Worth the read if you have read the previous 2 in the series. I give this book overall a 6/10 book worms and I am looking forward to reading the next and final volume in the series.


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