Posted: October 2, 2016 in Book Reviews


The Mortal Insturments: City of Lost Souls

by Cassandra Clare

534 pages

Ok, I am going to be making this one a really short review. I think it is quite clear at this point what I think about this series of books, and will be the last book I read of Cassandra Clares

Jace has been possessed yet again but this time by Sebastian, Valentines son who has been resurrected via the power of his blood. Lilith has been destroyed and is slowly reforming. Jace and Sebastian are gathering an army for Sebastians quest of global domination. Clary must infiltrate their plans and report back to her friends.

As usual, this book is filled with the typical writing style of Cassandra Clare, lots of high school romance teen love and beating hearts. Cheesy cliché filled drivel and romance. one word Yuck.

The build up to the climax at the end of the book was done O.K. as was the execution of said climax leaving room for more story in the future. I, however, have no intention of continuing said story line and will not be buying any more of her books. I am honestly wondering how I managed to get through these 5 books as it is.

I am sure Jr High and High school girls will be swooning at the teen romance cliché filled drivel that fills these books. It is certainly not something I will ever read again. I have refused to read twilight and should have known better than to pick this series up as it seems to the same style or kind of story.

4/10 book worms and for the series as a whole, I will have to downgrade what I have given previous books. 3/10 book worms.

No book series is a waste of time to read however as I have learned what not to read in the future and reading this makes me forever grateful that I never picked up twilight. At least I can finally say its over.

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