Posted: September 21, 2016 in Book Reviews

City of Fallen Angels

The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels

By Cassandra Clare

Well Valentines war is over and all is well. Jace has been brought back from the dead and everyone lives happily ever after right?

Nope. With Jace’s re-birth all the protections place on him as a baby have been removed. The mother of all demons, Lilith, seeks to take advantage of this and takes control of Jace. This is part of her plot to resurrect Sebastian using the blood of Simon. Using Jace and Clary to manipulate Simon into assisting her as she cannot touch Simon due to the mark of Cain he has on him.

This is the 4th book in the Mortal Instruments series. It does not belong in this series at all. There are only 3 mortal instruments and each of the first 3 books has or introduces one of the 3. Given this is a 5 book series you would think that the mortal instruments would have something to do with this book. Nope. They are not involved in the story at all. This would more appropriately be simply called a shadow hunter book.

City of Fallen Angels I think is a good start to a separate and independent series. While linked to events in the previous 3 books, it really works just fine independently of them. The story build up in this book however was quite slow and drawn out for most of the book. I felt that their was a lot of un needed story going on that was more like A day in the life of … type reading with mysterious events thrown in on occasion. It could have done with a bit less of that and more story plot line focus.

Unlike the last book however the climax of the book was not as big as a let down. It was not a simple easy out and seemed to involved much more in the way of actual struggle to end the problems our characters faced. This to me is an improvement upon the writing of the last book. The ending was also set up well to bring a second book in this story arc, hopefully however with more plot and story line focus.

This book like the rest of the series is considered a teen fantasy, however it would more accurately be reference to as a teen romance novel. Cassandra Clare it seems has a flair for romance and teen love imaginings in her characters. It’s as if every thing in the story is revolving around this idea of teens in love. I imagine it is something that most high school girls would think and behave like. Whether that is a credit to the author or not I will leave up to you, personally not really my style and not something I like. I just get this picture in my head of teenage Cassandra Clare sitting alone in the library at her school dreaming of her crush and day dreaming these scenarios as she writes them down. Then turning such things into the Mortal instruments series she has now written.

Overall this is a much better book than the last one, while not good enough to get a great rating, better than previous volumes. Not much more to say about this one except 5/10 book worms. not bad, not good, just mediocre like the rest of them. But at least it’s an improvement on the last one.

We shall see how the final volume plays out.

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