Posted: August 19, 2016 in Book Reviews


The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare

485 pages

Clary, a mundane goes out to a nightclub with her friends. What started as an ordinary night out on the town turns into a murder scene witnessed that immediately drags her into a world she did not know existed. Jace, one of the killers soon brings her into the world of the shadow hunters. A world of demon slayers and where all the stories are true. Werewolves, warlocks, vampires, demons, etc… It turns out that Clary is not a mundane after all. The truth about her parents and her world is revealed to her with full force.

The setting of modern-day New York mixing with the world of fantasy is a concept I like. Other Authors have done similar mixes of reality and the fantasy worlds as well such as Orson Scott Card, and J.K Rowling. Some are able to do this quite well, others not so much. Cassandra Clare is however, not the best at this mixing of modern world and the fantasy worlds.

The city of Bones within this book only played a very small role and seemed to have very little if any bearing on the book’ plot and story line at all. Considering the book was named after this location within the story I expected it would play a much larger role.

The book overall was not bad, but It was not great either. I love werewolves, vampires and demons as much as the next guy. The ruins having magical properties was great. I do enjoy the idea of symbols and words having power. However the cliché teen love triangles gets old fast and really has become a concept that, like Romeo and Juliet is overdone, and when done is not executed well. The idea that the main bad guy, Valentine,  is Clary’s father and Jace is her brother was also un-inspiring, un-surprising and quite cliché. Lacked in originality and plot. The ending of this volume could have easily done better I believe without affecting the overall plot. The writing did not really get me that excited about the story or the characters.

Whether I continue with the remainder of the series remains to be seen at this point. I am undecided but will give book 2 a shot, but honestly if It does not get better or peak my interest further I may just skip it. But then again I can be a bit OCD and the idea of possibly not finishing a series, even if I don’t like it will drive me up the wall as no matter how bad it is I still have to know how it will end. Its interesting enough for me to have kept reading the first book, so we shall see.

This review is kept short because honestly there is not much to say about this  book other than meh, its ok. 5/10 book worms. I have read worse, but certainly much better as well.

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  2. […] THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES August 19, 2016 […]

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