Shards Of A Broken Crown

Posted: August 3, 2016 in Book Reviews

Shards of a Broken Crown

Shards of a Broken Crown

By Raymond E Feist

497 pages

The final book in the Serpent War Saga.

Many writers of fantasy and other serial stories often end their story once the main threat has been defeated and the readers and writer are usually happy with that ending. Life goes back to normal and all is well once again. The threat is over and people can get on with their lives. Raymond E Feist however is not satisfied to leave it at that. The Threat has been ended but what is left is something that is often never talked about or written further on. The Aftermath of the struggle and the re-building of society. This is what this final book is about in this series.

War has devastated the lands, the invaders have been defeated but countries lie in ruins. Death tolls are in the millions, leadership on both sides have been virtual destroyed and what is left is in shambles. This after math must be dealt with. Krondor and kesh are back at war with each other, the Saur are still in the land and demons and evil still remains and must be finally vanquished. Cities in ruins, kingdoms divided, old enemies become allies but can’t be trusted fully etc…

This is what I honestly loved about this book. The idea that the story is not truly over after the war has ended. Some conflicts must still be resolved and old ones come back in full force. Society must be re-built. Lives have changed for better or worse. One of our young characters, Dash finds himself as tasked with restoring order to Krondor, one of the most devastated cities in the war where he must make promises and deals to the mockers, a gang of thieves and criminals in order to maintain order.

Nakor, the lovable, often un-understandable and confusing wizard (though he insist they are just tricks) has started a new church and religion to the goddess of all that is good and is working hard to bring goodness and light back to the world. He is recruiting, and building to achieve these ends, that however is not without its challenges.

Erik, now a military leader finds himself with more and more responsibility that he does not want, but puts his best effort forward to achieve those ends which are necessary to secure peace and end to all hostilities.

Pug and Miranda are working hard to fight off the dark, occult magic that has infested the world. He has had enough with the warring kings and seeks to put a final end to it, setting up his own independent kingdom of magicians who answer to no man as they serve far greater powers of the Gods and the world.

While the last book could have easily been a good end to the story, I really like how Raymond E Feist took the time to tell the story of re-building and finalizing the end of this serpent war. This makes a fitting end to this story line and a highly recommended read, especially for fans of Raymond E Feists world of Midkemia.

One thing I really enjoyed was Pug setting up his new-found independence from the nations of the world which really set the stage effectively for more stories of Pug and the magicians of Stardock. I really look forward to seeing and reading more about the world of Midkemia. I have no doubt they will be just as exciting and imaginative as this series.

I give this book 7/10 book worms.

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