The Blinding Knife

Posted: May 6, 2016 in Book Reviews

blinding knife

The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks

625 pages

Book 2 of the Lightbringer Series

I just realized as I am starting to write this review, that I do not have the 3rd or 4th books in this series which are called the Broken Eye and the Blood Mirror. I guess that means I need to add 2 more books to my wish list. Enough of that however I supposed you are wanting my review on the Blinding Knife now.

Kip has been fully acknowledged as Lord Prism’s son and has entered the black guard training while his grandfathered the Red works tirelessly against him to prevent his success.

Liv Danavis has joined the color prince who is now at war against the Chromeria after coming to some shocking understanding of the truth behind the Chromeria.

Gavin, or is it Dazen, is losing his colors while his brother whom he has locked up for many years is slowly but surely escaping his prison cell.

This story really has set up a world that is organized around a theocracy. The Chromeria is head of all governments and is also the heart of the religious world in which our characters live in. The Color Prince is seen as a rebel and heretic for rebelling against the God Orholam. The Chromeria runs every aspect of life within this world. It’s Drafters, like a church’s priesthood must be trained by the Chromeria and people are taught they are the only ones who can train them properly otherwise they will be dangerous to let loose in the world.

The power and authority rest in the hands of The prism who now must fight the Color Prince and his army in order to protect the Chromerias best interest.

The part of this story that really intrigued me was the story of Liv Danavis who turned to the other side in this conflict. I myself have recently had to make some hard choices regarding my own faith and her story and feelings about the chromeria really in many ways reflected what I have gone through as well.

“But if the Chromeria itself was corrupt, how deep does that corruption go? If they’d taught one lie, how many others had they espoused? If the Chromeria was corrupt, and the Chromeria was supposed to be a central font of Orholoams will, what did that say about Orholam himself?

How could he let such corruption be? Either he didn’t care, or he didn’t have power to do anything about it, or he didn’t exist. It was a thought that couldn’t be called back.

It was like having a comforting suppositions ripped off her shoulders.

She’d once heard a philosopher quoted in one of her classes: The truth is so clear to me that if Orholam stood on one side and the truth on another, I would turn my back on my creator himself.

Simply considering that was scary, terrifying as she thought about the decisions she made all the time based on what was right – which was based on what was holy – which was based on what the Chromeria taught was holy – which is what the chromeria believed about Orholam.

But at the same time it was tremendous freeing. she would be strong. This was hard, but she would do it. She wouldn’t shrink from hard truths or embrace comforting delusions. She would be a warrior for truth”

I think this passage in this book expressed well the trial and struggle that Liv is dealing with while coming to terms with the truth behind the Chromeria and everything she was taught to believe. This story at least to me reads as a search for truth beyond anything else. It speaks to our own spiritual journeys and evolution and understanding of the realities we are surrounded with on a daily basis.

Like the characters in this book, we must always be questioning our own motives, understandings and reasons for doing things. Live, Kip, the Prism are all on a Journey of discovery that will take them down paths they do not have full understanding of at this time.

I really loved this book and so far It is the best one of the series. I really look forward to getting the next 2 books in this series and hope that they live up to expectations this one has set. Brent weeks has done a wonderful job with this.

The tag line of “Every shadow hides a secret” is a great tag line however I would add also that every journey is a search for the truth. As it is commonly stated “know the truth and the truth will set you free. For me at least that is what this book, and life is all about. Being free and learning truth, no matter how hard it may be to learn and understand that truth. It is the search for truth that leads us to ultimate freedom.

Pick up this book. Read it. It is well worth your time. Very much enjoyable and I look forward to getting to the final 2 books in this series. Though that will have to wait as I have not bought them yet and have so many more to get through.

Overall I give this book 9/10 books worms. Probably because the struggles of one of our characters Liv is so close to my heart as it reflects my own personal journey at this time.

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