Posted: March 10, 2016 in Book Reviews


Beacon. Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy by Tyler Rudd Hall

337 pages

The Truth has come out about the war with the aliens and the Mac gas and The lynn rock. Mac has had to leave his companion in the fight for the survival of humanity back on Ronos with a deranged killer, Raymond, who is obsessed with killing Lynn and Mac both. Lynn finds her self in a fight for survival against what has become a virtual zombie, Raymond who will stop at nothing to kill Lynn.

Mac has gone back to earth to meet up with the only man with an imp in passage and his new-found friend, Sneed. The military follows Mac back to Passage trying to kill him and end the threat he represents in revealing the secrets that they want control of. Mac must recruit as many supporters as he can and bring them back to Ronos to bring them the new super powers he has acquired. There he must also rescue Lynn from Raymond.

The pull machine has increased exponentially in strength and is now pulling ships from across the galaxy to singe orbital point around Ronos. This is leading to destruction and chaos as all the ships collide and destroy each other.

Jace, the Alien who says that he is on the side of Lynn and Mac, continues to try to earn back the trust that has been broken. Coming back to Ronos has allowed him to re-emerge in his true Alien form. It seems that Jace, Mac and Lynn all have the same objectives. That remains to be seen however.

Lynn has discovered the truth about Ronos and how her family is connected to this world. Now she must do what can only be done once in a last desperate effort to save humanity from complete destruction. Will she be able to complete such a dangerous mission?

Picking up where the last book, left off, it starts with a fast paced and high energy feel that keeps you reading. Most days I read for about an hour each day, but with Beacon I found myself on more than on occasion reading for a min of 2 hours. This book has virtually non stop action with every chapter.

The concept of Time travel with limitations I thought was a great way to limit a power that otherwise would have made the entire story boring and dull. because the power can only be used once, our Character Lynn must ensure that she is only using at the right time for the right reasons. If she could time travel as much as she wants then the story would end very quickly as she could just go back and change the outcome. I really like how this limitation helped to further the story. At the same time however I have always felt that Time Travel to solve the problems our characters face was always kind of cheesy way to solve a problem. However a good writer can use time travel to effectively tell a good story. We will have to see how book 3 does this, and whether or not time travel was done well or not in the face of this story.

A mystery to the reader at this point is what the heck happened on Ronos. The planet, which previously had very little evidence of life except for some plant life, now seems to have developed all kinds of animal and plant life in very short amount of time. The Mac gas seems to have triggered some kind of supercharged, super fast, evolutionary cycle all linked to this mysterious gas.

Overall I felt this was a good sequel to the First book in this Trilogy and I eagerly await the final book. I can only hope that Tyler gets that done quickly. I give this book 6/10 book worms. Not bad for a new writer. I am sure book 3 will be just as Good


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