Posted: February 16, 2016 in Book Reviews


Wyrms by Orson Scott Card

Patience is the seventh, seventh, seventh daughter of the starship captain, the first human ever to set foot on her world of Imakulata. She is the rightful heir to the throne of Imakulata and a trained assassin and diplomat. The 343rd generation daughter. Her father, Peace, The heptarch before her is now servant to the usurper of this throne.

Upon her fathers death Patience learns the truth about her destiny to take back her throne, however she feels the call to the great unwrym who needs her to carry his children for the perfect human race. She is the mother of “kristos” the savior of the world. The call is one she cannot resist and must heed, his pull on her mind is beyond resistance. She must resist him and kill him to succeed and protect the human race and their final destiny for unwyrm is the ultimate of evil incarnate.

The mindstones: This is a stone that is implanted into the mind of a person or Gebling that contains all the memories and knowledge of all those who came before. With that knowledge, Patience can accomplish all that her destiny demands of her.

The Cranning call. This phenomenon caused all the wisest and brightest of the world to head to cranning, the mountain city and home of the great Unwyrm. It is there that all the knowledge and wisest learning of man was taken from the great wise ones of the world. Patience feels the cranning call as well. It is powerful and virtually impossible to resist.

Ruin and Reck, the 2 Gebling companions who together make the Gebling kings, join Paitence to help her in her journey to destroy the great unwyrm. At the final confrontation however, Patience, for a time at least, gives in to the overpowering urges she has to mate with him.

One of my favorite things about Orson Scott Cards writings is his ability to use science fiction to not tell science fictions stories. This story is no different. Within this story there are plenty of references to theological symbolism both in the names of the characters but in the mind stones, the coming of kristos(another name for christ) numerous reference to mankind’s savior in connection with kristos, the seventh, seventh, seventh daughter. The first human the starship captain. And even the impregnation of Patience by an entity thought of as God who had been alive for the past 7,000 years. Much of this story revolves around the number 7 specifically. Patience becomes the heptarch (another reference to the number 7) and rules over mankind and all life while ushering in a reign of peace, cooperation and prosperity after 7,000 years. Orson Scott Cards religious influence is heavily evident in his writing.

I have to say however, that after reading this book I am pretty sure the creators of Futurama got some inspiration from these books. The culture and society which has developed has found a way to keep ones head alive in a jar.


Wyrms had its fair share of references to talking heads preserved in jars. For this story it was a great way to preserve the history and knowledge of past generations. The talking heads were incapable of lying and could only speak truth. Much of patience knowledge came as a result her conversation with her deceased fathers head after it was place in a jar to keep it alive.

Overall I can say that I really enjoyed this book. I really like the theology and religious themes that helped to drive this story. As a christian they certainly resonated with me throughout the book. I find that it is part of what makes the story enjoyable.

I would give this book 8/10 book worms.


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