Posted: February 8, 2016 in Book Reviews

magic street

Magic Street by Orson Scott Card

391 pages

Modern day L.A. in what would otherwise be an average, middle class African-American neighbourhood that is however anything but normal or average.

A university professor named Byron is on his way home from work and picks up what appears to be a stray homeless man, who becomes known as bag man,  who somehow knows that his wife is pregnant. This pregnancy however is anything but normal. Pregnant, full term and birth in the space of an hour and his wife does not remember anything. A baby is born only to be abandoned by bag man by a drainage pipe.

Soon found by Ceese, one of the community kids and raised in a local home of a single woman, Miz Smitchzer, he becomes known as Mack Street.

Strange things start happening as wishes come true in the most gruesome and evil ways. A girl who wants to be a fish wakes up trapped in her fathers water-bed. In another case a girl who has only one wish, to be wanted by boys, soon finds herself being gang raped. An old widow who’s only wish is to be with her husband again, wakes up in her husbands coffin.

This is an urban fantasy set as a merger between william Shakespeare’s A Mid Summers Night Dream and modern-day L.A. Fairy land is secretly hidden behind a hidden house that only Mack can see or access. Two fairies show up seeking to fight the evil that is Oberon from destroying the world, but first Mack must learn to control and accept his powers of “cold dreams” in which he sees the dreams of others before they come true.

Mack is a child of everyone and no one. He does not fit in anywhere and yet is welcome everywhere. He is an odd child but is nothing but good, helpful, loveable. A friend to all and yet not really part of any family as he belongs to everyone in the community.

I loved the final battle at the end of the book and how Oberon is imagined as a giant dragon slug who shows up in the real world of L.A. as a helcopter Mack is hanging from. Just tryinig to imagine a helcopter that is also a giant flying dragon slug you can’t help but lauph at such a preposterous idea. But then again, you also have a invisble house with a path to fairy land gaurded by a black panther that only allows Mack in.

This book has some very creative writing merging the two worlds of william Shakespeare and modern-day America. I Really liked how Orson Scott Card merged the idea that what we wish for, and how we get that wish is not always how we imagined it to be. The idea of careful what you wish for is a warning that should not go unheeded in this book.

Creative story telling with some what I would described as weird and unusual characters mixed with some humor was an effective mesh of fantasy and modern fiction. The bag man and surprise baby followed by kidnapping and discarding of new-born Mack street was certainly a way to peek my interesting in this book. And of course YoYo wanting him killed and trying in vain to make that happen, only to find out she needed him in the end.

Overall not a complicated story but a fun and entertaining read.

As usual Orson Scott Card is imaginative and humorous in his story telling. As for recommending this one, you would not regret reading it but I am pritty nuetral on reccommending it.

I give this book 6/10 book worms

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