Posted: January 23, 2016 in Book Reviews


WARHEART by Terry Goodkind

463 pages.

This book has been a long time coming and is the conclusion to the sword of truth series by Terry Goodkind. This book ends a final 4 book series within the Sword of Truth that started with The Omen Machine. I kind of wish I had taken the time to go back and review each and every book in this series like I did with the Wheel of Time.

What I can say about this series however is that it is by far one of the best series I have ever read. Terry Goodkind’s fantasy comes from a dark and disturbing imagination filled with our worst nightmares. Everything from armies of the walking dead to living hells direct from the underworld itself.

The characters and creations of this series are truly terrifying in their conception. The Hedgemaid who has had her lips sown shut as her scream is the scream of death itself from the world of the dead. Hearing it will poison your soul and suck the very force of life from your body. Hannis Arc who raised the dead Emperor Sulachan who created an army of the un-dead who savagely destroy, eat and tear you limb from limb while still alive in a desperate effort to steal your soul for themselves.

Warheart starts with Richard, the Seeker of Truth, the Bringer of Death and the one to end prophecy laid out on a funeral pyre. He had sacrificed his life for Kahlan and brough her back from the world of the dead. Kahlan in a desperate effort, and knowing that he was the key to defeating Hannis Arc and Emperor Sulachan’s army of shun tuk, the half men zombie apocalypse horde of soul seeking desperate walking dead, seeks out a witch woman to help her bring Richard back from the dead.

She accomplishes this task, however Richard still has the poison of death within him and must find his way back to the People’s Palace. It is only there, with the containment field and power of Orden that he can defeat Sulachan and Hannis Arc and cure himself of the touch of death. To do so he must end prophecy to save the world of life.

This book was fast paced with tons of action. The writing style of short chapters keeps you wanting more and makes it very difficult to put the book down.

This volume however had some disappointing aspects to it. I really felt a sense of rushing through the story in an effort to finalize all the story arcs. Things just happened at random it seems it some cases all in an effort to solve the problems at hand in order to move the story along. Cara for example just suddenly showing up with no explanation in order to fill the need in the moment. Richard’s time in the underworld and the battle with the demons holding him captive was over almost as soon as it started. The search for Richard in the Underworld could have easily taken a full volume in this series without losing any of the exciting aspect of the story telling. The race to the People’s Palace and subsequent battle there as well lacked I felt. It is almost as if this book reads as a summary of the final story arcs more than a full read of the story itself.

This book certainly holds to Terry Goodkind’s story telling style however. His classic style of magical descriptions of how things work I personally have really enjoyed. Any book by him that lacked this element would just be odd and out-of-place.

It is unfortunate however that the concluding volume of the Sword Of Truth lacked in the story telling side of things in the sense that things happened way too quickly. This conclusion could have easily been told just as well in 2 books of the same size, or even 3. There were so many parts that I would have love to been able to get more into. The zombie battle at the People’s Palace for example, or Richard’s battle in the underworld with the demons holding him captive and Nicci’s Search for him there. His confrontation with Sulachan could certainly have used much more time and many more chapters.

Overall however I still really enjoyed the read. Regardless of my critiques it will still be one of my favorite book series of all time. Disappointing concluding volume that had potential for so much more. But still overall good.

In the end, sadly I have to give this book a 6/10 bookworms. Still worth the read and good ending, but could have used a lot more expansion on the general story line of this book.

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