The Gathering Storm

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Book Reviews


The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

1071 pages

I have spent a lot of time reading this series. Far more than I had originally expected. I first published my review on The Eye Of The World on October 8 2014. This has been quite the adventure and I find myself anxiously waiting to see the final resolution. The anticipation of reading such an amazing series conclusion is thrilling. With only 2 books left after this one I eagerly look forward to it.

The Gathering Storm does not disappoint. Brandon Sanderson’s unique style of story telling comes through quite clearly while still maintaining the vision of Robert Jordan in this timeless classic series.

The Dark ones touch grows strong on the world. Food spoiling nearly instantly, The dead walk and the world morphs and changes in unexpected and dangerous ways. Rand our hero is pushed to the limits of his endurance and is becoming something other than human.

The white tower is attacked and captives taken, forcing Egwene to take command. She soon finds herself posed for war with her rebel Aes Sedai in the aftermath of the attack on the white tower by the Seanchan.

The Last battle grows ever closer and it may yet destroy the world as we know it.

This book was just an awesome. The story flow was captivating. Page after page I just wanted to go back and never put it down. Brandon Sanderson has done an incredible job of bring this story to life. He has the talent of writing 1,000 plus pages without leaving you bored.

The Battle scenes at Tar Valon and elsewhere bring to life vividly the panic and horror of the moment, and in so doing reveal the inner strength of our characters masterfully.

Rand’s continue struggle with his own identity and what the Wheel of time demands of him is a constant struggle that we are brought face to face with. He is becoming a cold, passionless tyrant that you cannot help but love, and have compassion for. He is a tortured soul just begging for release. He has accepted his fate and only wishes to bring an end to his tortured life.

Egwene who has finally been raised Amyrlin in the eyes of all Aes Sedai has been a key player in this volume. The strength of her character is an inspiration and she is truly a woman of strength and courage. The revelations she receives about the black Ajah helps to bring her to the full power of her character.

This book was incredible. So full of detail and a fast pace read. This by far is one of the best Wheel of Time Books in the series and I have no doubt with the last two also being written by Brandon Sanderson it will be an epic finish of Dragonmount proportions.

If you have not read the Wheel of time, ask yourself, What are you waiting for? This is not a series that you can skip reading. Pick it up today because if you don’t you will be woven into the pattern till you do.

Brandon Sanderson was the perfect choice to finish this epic series

This book gets 10/10 book worms. I love it. I hope the next volume is as awesome as this one.

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