The Emperor’s Soul

Posted: September 25, 2015 in Book Reviews


The Emperor’s Soul By Brandon Sanderson

167 pages

This is probably one of the shortest books I have read. Set in a Asian culture with the feel of the ancient Chinese Empires. There are different factions similar to royals or noble houses with the heritage faction being the current rulers of the empire.

Shai our main character has been caught attempting to steal from the imperial palace and replace the imperial scepter with a fake also known as a forgery. However the Emperor is in dire trouble and has been injured in an assassination attempt and only Shai can save him by forging a copy of his soul.

Shai is a forger, she has the ability to re-write an objects past to change its very nature to mimic something else. Forging of souls is a dark magic that is looked upon with scorn, derision and suspicion. She has the ability to essentially create a copy of something or someone else to suit her purposes.

Love the concept behind this book. As usual Brandon Sanderson does not disappoint with his unique approach to story telling. This story really delves into the idea of what is a soul? What is it made up of and how do you determine what makes a soul.

Throughout her forging this new soul she must delve into every aspect of the Emperor’s life, What was he like, why did he like the things he likes such as the color green for example? What experiences shaped him to be the man he is and who has been the influences in his life. If she fails in this task to re-create the Emperor’s soul it means certain death for her and the Emperor. It must be a perfect copy.

These are all questions that ask what is it that makes us who we are?

Have you ever thought about that? What makes you who your are? If not perhaps you should

Or just pick up this book and give it a read

For a short book I give this 8/10 book worms

short review for a short book.


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