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The Fires of heaven.

Book 5 in the Wheel Of Time by Robert Jordan

964 pages

“The Wheel of time turns and ages comes to pass. What was, What will be, and what is may yet fall under the shadow.”

The white tower is split and Siuan has barely escaped with her life with Min, Mazrim Taim the false dragon and the former keeper of the seals Leanne. Both her and Leanne have been stilled, forever cut off from the one power. Elaida has taken control of the tower, and has been raised to Amyrlin seat. Formerly of the Red Ajah she is going mad with power.

Siuane must make her way to the sisters who are gathering to oppose the white tower now that Elaida has taken control and the Aes Sedai begin what is essentially a civil war in the making. Once she finds the sisters who are loyal to her she begins to plant the seeds of a rival Aes Sedai tower.

Elayne and Nynaeve along with the gleeman Thom Merrillin head back to the tower the with the bracelet and collar that would control rand after rescuing the Panarch of Tanchico. They do not know that Siuane has been deposed and the white tower has been split. This however they soon discover and find themselves in a frantic search to find the Aes Sedai still loyal to Siuane. They find themselves Hiding in a travelling carnival while trying to avoid the forsaken who are after them.

Rand in the meantime is busy trying to unite the Aiel only to have the Aiel split. Rand soon finds himself chasing his rival Couladin across the spine of the world and the Aiel engage in civil war. Joining Rand is Egwene, Matt, Moraine, Lan and Avienda. He manages to take control of many nations and cities.

In the meant time Rand continues his tutelage under Jasan Natael aka Asmodean the forsaken. During these lessons he begins to wonder if there might be a way to rid the power of the taint and purify it once more.

Queen Morgase of Andor in the meantime, after discovering how she has been controlled and manipualted flees Andor for fear of her own life leading many to believe she is dead.

Matt on the other hand finds himself a surprise hero and Lord after a massive victory in a battle with insurmountable odds stacked against him.

The Good

Lots of story development in this volume. Each character’s development really helped set the stage for further story line with some excellent plot points that help set the stage well for further volumes.

The start of Rands war with the world is the beginning of tyranny or is it the beggining of freedom? That can be hard to tell at this point. His statements in this volume such as “the world must have peace even if I must force it upon them it will have it” The beginning of a conquering hero or villain?

Elayne, Egwene and Nyaneve continue to explore the world of dreams; Tel Arad Rhiod,  and learn much of what is going on in the world around them. This is how they learn of the split in the tower and begin their search for the loyal sisters. But this also poses great risk and danger to them as the forsaken also walk the world of dreams.

For example in one of these battles in the world of dreams Birgette; hero of the horn, inadvertently gets pulled from the world before she was ready and lies on the brink of death. Nynaeve in desperation binds her as her warder to save her life. I thought that was a nice touch.

The battle at the end with Rand and Rhavin was well AWESOME! In the world dreams anything can happen and change adding that much more drama and excitement to the story. That played out quite well and certainly deserves some kudos

The bad

Matt, though part of the story, barley plays much of a roll at all and could have used more page time. I would like to have seen more story development about him and the daughter of the nine moons that he is destined to marry. This destiny of his has been mentioned numerous times yet there has been no development to this at all. Cutting short some other parts of the story in favor of further development of this would have been a bonus and made this book better.

Perrin, Faile and our Oger friend Loil are noticeably missing from this volume of the series. That was to me a disappointment as there is a really good story arc happening with him and the whitecloaks in the Two Rivers. We really don’t know what is happening with him at this point.

Overall how did this book do. For Wheel Of Time it was OK. Compared to other books in the fantasy genre I think it could have done better but certainly not the worst of them.

Though the middle volumes of this series can get a bit slow and long-winded you don’t want to stop there. At least I don’t. But then I have this OCD need to finish a story no matter how horribly bad it is. This book however was not bad but get s a middle of the road rating overall.

I would give this book 6/10 book worms. Worth continuing to read the rest of the series. Afterall you Can’t leave a good story unfinished.

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