The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Book Reviews

mocking jay

Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins

390 pages

Mocking Jay. The final book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Katniss has been rescued from the arena and now finds herself surrounded by the refugees and citizens of district 13. Her home district 12 has been destroyed and almost nothing is left but the rubble and victors village.

It is not long before she realizes that Peeta has been taken hostage by the Capital and is being used as a weapon against the rebellion. Katniss is torn between her growing love for Peeta and her love for Gale. She has lost control of her life and all that she is to the game she is forced to play against her will.

Katniss soon learns that being with the rebels is from her perspective no better than being in the capital. She is a pawn no matter which side has her and she is being used. Propped and dressed up as the mocking jay she becomes the center piece in the war for freedom from the Capital. However she does not do this without conditions. She demands the full pardon of Peeta and the other tributes in the hunger games for any crime against the rebellion before she will consent to being the rebellions Mocking Jay.

As the war effort progresses Katniss is getting more frustrated and angry about lacking any form of control over the events that surround her. She begins to start to take things into her own hands and soon finds herself in the middle of an uncontrolled war zone in the middle of the capital fighting for her life and the life of the few friends she thinks she can trust.

Katniss soon discovers that the rebellion is not as pure and free of corrupt morals and they have led her to believe.

The fast pace of this story takes you on a wild ride that leaves you anxious for more. With every turn of events more comes flying your way barley leaving time to recover your breath. Each twist in the plot drives the knife further into the characters ultimate demise and eventual redemption.

Using Peeta as a weapon against Katniss was certainly not an original idea as many stories have used our hero’s loved ones as a weapon or bait, however they way it is executed is done effectively and makes this story arc quite believable. With what we know of modern mind drugs and how they can manipulate our memories and emotional state of mind it is quiet believable that a similar use of drugs could be used against the rebellion by programing Peeta as an enemy of the rebellion via drug induced hallucinations and feelings.

There were moments in this book where I could truly feel the pain and emotional torment that the characters were going through. I could not help but feel the sincere passion and emotional pain that they were feeling right along with them. Like the previous books Suzanne Collins does an exceptional job bringing to life the realities of war and the emotional turmoil that soldiers suffer. With this book however Katniss is not only a soldier in a war but the symbol of the war itself. She is the Mocking Jay.

There are a few criticism I would give this book however. Katniss who was such a key and pivotal character seemed to at the end lack any importance at the final battle for the capital. During the battle she ends up unconscious and wakes up later after the capital has been seized and President Snow captured. There is no story here about how he got captured or how long the final battle lasted. I felt that the book lacked in this respect. I think that it would of ended better with Katniss being part of the final assault on the Presidential mansion and Snow being captured. Her waking up after it was all over with no story arc showing how this was done just did not do it for me for a good ending to this story. I was honestly expecting that Katniss would end up killing President Snow in the end. Perhaps by giving him a poisoned white rose?  Sadly the book will have to loose some marks for poor ending but the rest of the story played out exceptionally well.

Overall I would give this book 8/10 Book worms and should be added to your read list as a must read!!

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