The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Books to Screen reviews


After reading this book I Thought I would post my movie review on it. This one was 2.5 hours long. To begin lets talk about what I liked about the movie

1) I loved how they handled the Arena. It was done well and almost as well as I imagined it to be in the book. The salt water lake I thought would be a bit bigger than depicted in the movie but still done very well over all.

2) The victory tour was done well with stops in the right places at the right times. The seeds of rebellion clearly showing and beginning to form and katniss is losing control.

3) I thought the Acting was done quite well. The cast they put together portrayed the characters effectively and really helped bring to life everything that was going on.

4) The other victors matched the descriptions in the book effectively and I really enjoyed how they came to life on the screen.

What I Didn’t I like about this movie

1) I really felt like the story was rushed. 2 much was being packed into to little time on the screen. I really felt that the victory tour deserved more screen time instead of being rushed by.  The victory tour is a key component to build up the rebellion that is forming. The arena portion of the story I felt was rushed as well. The training was non existent and did not help build up the story effectively leading into the arena.

2) I felt that some key elements were left out of the story that should have been in the movie and could have easily been put in without issues. First of all when Katniss was coming back from hunting she was stuck outside the fence finding that it had been electrified when it is normally not turned on. This is because the new head peacekeeper turned it on permanently. This is how she found out about the fence being turned on at all times. She had to climb a tree and jump over the fence hurting her ankle in the process and having to cover up why she was hurt so as not to draw suspicion.

3) Before going into the arena Cinna her fashion guru had taken a moment to show katniss a watch he had with a mocking jay within it and as a hint to the arena lay out. The ride up into the arena was delayed with Katniss wondering why. This delay was important I Felt to the build up of the beating to death of Cinna.

4) Katniss after running into the woods meets up with 2 refugees from another district heading for district 13. This helped build up the rebellion aspect of the story well and should of been in the movie as I felt it was important to the story.

5) Gale had used Katniss’s Cabin in the woods to protect refugees. This would of been a nice touch in the movie but was no there.

6) No mention of supply shortage due to growing rebellion. Another key element that should of been in the movie

Overall this movie did an ok job of adapting the book. I really felt however that it could have easily been split into 2 movies and would have done a much better job adapting the story to the big screen. It just did not do overly well for a movie adaptation. While I never expect the movie to be as good as the book I feel there is much room for improvement.

The thing with the hunger games is unlike Enders game it should easily adaptable, this movie however did not do so well in that way.

It felt rushed and like everything was squeezed together trying to get as much in as possible with limited time. Splitting this into 2 movies and focusing the first one on the victory tour and the second one on the arena would have made this better. This would have given opportunity to focus more on the rebellion growing in each district instead of simple video clips Katniss sees on a monitor. Just does not have the same effect.

Overall I give the movie adaptions 5 out of 10. An ok rating not horrible but not great either


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