Beyond The Shadows

Posted: August 18, 2014 in Book Reviews


Beyond The Shadows by Brent Weeks

689 pages

Book 3 in the Night Angel Trilogy picks up where we left off in the previous 2 books. Please feel free to read my reviews of the previous 2 books

The Way of Shadows


Shadows Edge

So kylar has made a deal with the yellow eyed being beyond the world of life called the wolf after he was killed by the God King. The deal being to take Latano Garushi’s (commander of the Ceuran army) sword and bring it to the dark hunger in the woods. In return he was promised to be restored to life quickly and grow a new arm that he had lost.

Latano Garushi has disguised himself and his army as kahladorian and has been preparing to invade Cenaria.

In the meantime Dorian the prophet, now known as half man and has become a slave in his father the God kings household and is stuck emptying chamber pots as he searches for Jenine, king Logan Gyrers wife. Logan however believes she is dead.

Vi and Uly along with Elene find themselves at the Chantry. A magical school of sisters where women spend their time learning magic.

Solon, Dorian’s brother has become King of the Sethi through marriage.

Dorian has discovered a means to rise the bodies of the dead and turn them into an army the world fears.

Soon all 3 armies, Dorian’s army, the Ceurans, the Khaldorians and the army of Cenaria merge in an epic battle that will ultimately define the fate of the world.

First of all, how did this book stack up against the other 2. Overall I think it did a good job and kept with the expected style of story telling. The story moved along well overall and the plot certainly kept things interesting.

Some of the things I really enjoyed were the walking dead and demons element. God’s possessing the pure in heart was a nice touch as well. I loved how these elements played out in the book. One of my favorite parts of the book would have to have been when Kylar was being torn by 2 conflicting spells of compulsion. One being the compulsion put on him by Khali the God who took over Elene’s body commanding him to kill all the others, while on the other hand Vi who had “ringed” him with marriage rings, powerful artifacts with a powerful compulsion spell leaving you to do as commanded by you spouse, is telling him to not listen to her and not to kill everyone. The 2 opposing commands like being put on a rack and pulled apart.

What didn’t I like however. Well for starters Kylar is immortal. This sounds cool till you realize that his immortality is used in this book in a way that just makes it loose its appeal. He keeps dying and coming back to life. Brent Weeks tends to spend time thinking of new and inventive ways to kill him off. Then he brings him back to life. He later finds out what his immortality costs however that does not do much to diminish the fact that having him immortal makes you care less about whether he lives or dies. Perhaps if the cost was revealed to him the first time he died it would have made you care more.

Toward the end of the book kylar suddenly discovers his sword has been stolen. It felt like it was just thrown in there with little to no thought to the overall story line. Considering there was no indication of his sword being stolen previously I am sure Brent Weeks was trying to put in a plot twist but in the end it just did not make sense and really did not seem to contribute to his story. It would have been better if that piece had come out earlier. What he had to do to get it back could have been a whole new book in and of itself but was thrown in and effectively resolved in about 100 pages or less.

As for the book overall however, I would give this book 6/10 book worms. Not to bad considering some the problems I find with the writing style and story overall.

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