Divergent The Movie

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Books to Screen reviews


Well I just finished watching Divergent the movie. Based off of the book by Veronica Roth.

Most movie adaptations of books fail to hit the mark or really do the book justice. Hollywood just can’t do visually what the written word can do. That begs the question then how did the movie adaptation do for this book.

As far as story line goes the movie did, I felt anyway, a pretty good job on following the story line of the book. Unlike so many hollywood adaptation there really was not much in the way of divergence from the main story line. From the choosing day to initiation and testing to discovering the plot to take over the government the story line was followed effectively throughout the movie. Events of the story happening along the same timelines as the book. key events were added in where the needed to be with not much in the way of variation

Characters in the movie were also well done. They had the look and feel that I really thought that they should. The characters were as I imagined them in the book. Personality, development and so forth.

The movie I also felt did a good job of world building. Setting up the world and explaining the society that these characters lived within. I felt that they did a good job in bringing the world Veronica Roth imagined to life in terms of settings, factions, training and testing and all the important key elements that help make this story a good one.

While certainly not the best adaptation of a book it is a far cry from the worst out there. I can certainly say that this is one adaptation that does a half decent job of bringing the book to life on the big screen. I am glad that I read the book before seeing the movie. Some movies I wish I had read the book first, this was one where I was glad I did, as it really helps to do a reasonable comparison.

Overall hollywood did a good job and I look forward to the next movie. For a book adaptation I would give this a 7/10. The only downside being that you just can’t get as much inside scoop on the characters. But that is just the limitation of screen. It can be difficult to get inside their minds and understand what they are thinking in a visual medium.


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