Posted: May 5, 2014 in Thoughts on Reading



So I have recently downloaded some eBooks. I will read them eventually but really only if there is nothing else to read, or maybe just when I’m done all the books I have print copies of first. I have never been a fan of E books. I have just always liked holding the books in my hand as I read. We are too attached to our digital media these days. There is something about getting away from digital media for a while and curling up with a good book that just feels right and good.

Some of the E books I downloaded are by authors that I like such as Brandon Sanderson and Terry Good kind. I Read Terry Goodkind’s E book The First Confessor. So I will read an E book occasionally if it is by an author I really Like. However I do have some Ground rules about E books and when I will download them and read them. 3 basic rules apply

1) The book must be free whether by a new author or one I read now, where as the print edition I would have to pay for

2) That must be the only format available for the book before I would consider paying for it

3) If I pay for an E book then It would have to be by an author I really like and the only Format Available.

If the book does not meet one of these 2 criteria then It’s a no go as far as E reader goes. That’s just the way I read.

Let me know what you think. Is e-reader a no go for you as well, Or do you prefer it over print edition.


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