Words Of Radiance

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Book Reviews


Words of Radiance book 2 of the Stormlight Archive. By Brandon Sanderson

Before you read this review I would highly recommend that you check out the my review of The Way Of Kings


kaladan has become the captain of the kings Guard and he has been charged with his crew of Bridgeman to guard the king and his family along with Dalinar and his Family. His life has dramatically Changed for the better and he now has quite a bit of responsibility. His powers have been growing and he is becoming stronger by the day. He is learning more about them and what he is capable of.

His spren, Sly has been his companion from the beginning and through her his powers are growing at a rapid rate. While guarding the king he is forced into a fight with the Assassin in white, Truth-less of Shinovar. However it turns out that this assasin is not after the king after all. His powers come to light in this fight and the Assasin is forced to flee back to his master.

Kaladin soon learns of another plot to assassinate the king has taken root. One of his trusted Bridge-men is involved in this plot putting Kaladin in a difficult position. Does he hold to his oaths to protect his king or does he Hold to the oaths to his Friend. Keeping one will break the Other. His final decision will make or break him in the end. The life of Sly is on the line.

In the mean time Shallan Davar has embarked across the ocean with Jasnah Kholin. Their research has led them to the conclusion that the Parshmen are in fact, Voidbringers and the ancient cities of Urithu and Stormseat are located somewhere in the unmapped Shattered plains.

During their trip across the ocean however their ship gets attacked by the Ghostbloods, A mysterious secret organization that is also seeking the mysteries of the shattered plains. Jasnah is Killed and Shallan becomes shipwrecked. Lost and left without any supplies she find herself amongst traders, slavers and a caravan whom she convinces to take her to the shattered plains to continue her research. But is not as it seems with those she has picked up.

She soon finds herself not only as the betrothed of Andolin, son of high prince Dalinar but having to infiltrate the Ghost bloods to find out what they know in an effort to save the world. In the mean time she must convince everyone that the Parshmen servants are in fact Voidbringers and must be sent way and abandon for the Good of Mankind.

Dalinar continues to have visions during each and every high storm. His walls have message scrolled on them counting down the days till the ever storm comes. But only Dalinar knows what the numbers mean. He convinces the king to make him warlord over the entire army in his effort to unite the 10 high princes as commanded in the visions. With Navani The king’s mother acting as scribe, the visions are recorded and interpreted for direction and guidance. The visions have also commanded him to refound the Knights Radiant.

Andolin in the mean time has been tasked with challenging all the Shard plate and Shard blade owners to duels, The Winner keeping the Shards in an effort to control the other 10 high princes. Andolin and Shallan begin their courtship and she uses this to convince Andolin that she needs to go out on the plains as part of her studies.

An expedition is launched and both Shallan and Kaladin find themselves, after a failed assassination attempt of Dalinar, at the bottom of a crevice between plateaus on the shattered plains. They must find their way back to the war camps before the high storm strikes. However they don’t make it but survive holed up in shardblade cut hole in the side of the crevice after an encounter with  chasm fiend.

The Parshendi have discovered a new form. Each task in the Parshendi world they take on different forms for Different purposes. Mate form for creating babies, work form for labor, dull form for slavery, war form for battles and fighting. They have discovred storm form. The ability to create highstorms and control them. Working as a large group of thousands of parshendi in storm form they bring the Everstorm. But that is just the beginning.

While this is happening Shallan continues to grow in her powers with her new-found spren, pattern as her guide. She is a light weaver giving her the ability to bend light and create false images to disguise herself or deceive others into seeing things that are not really there.

This book has a focus on Shallan and like the first book with Kaladin has flash backs to earlier time in her life bringing a greater understanding of her character, Where she came from and how she got to Where she is now. Shallan has turned from a shy little girl who has quite the wit to a strong-willed woman not to be messed with. watching her development from this book as compared to last book have really made her one of the most interesting characters in this series.

Like the last book the Way of Kings this book continues to impress. At 1080 pages it does not feel that long when reading it. The pace and development of the book keep you interested in the story. Every chapter leaves you wanting to read more.

The assassin in white has been freed from his bond and more and more Characters are coming into their powers. Each book in this series will have a focus on a Different Character and I eagerly anticipate who will be the next focus in the upcoming book tentatively Titles Stones unhallowed which is supposed to be a focus on Szeth the assassin in white.

This book has reconfirmed what I Said in the Way of Kings review that this series the Storm Light Archive is by far the best Fantasy series I have ever ready. Brandon never fails to Impress with his continued world building and story telling. I admit I have had dreams about being a surge binder this story has become so much part of my mind. I just can’t stop day dreaming about how awesome this is.

Everything in this book is imaginative and it makes a truly awesome installment in this series. As I had hoped this book lives up to the expectation set in the first volume the way of Kings

I give this book 10/10 book worms. A must read for any fantasy fan. Can’t wait for the 3rd book in the series though sadly I will have to wait till Spring 2016


  1. Rabindranauth says:

    Sanderson really elevated a notch in his game with this. I’ve NEVER experienced a case where I read a book this long and was not at any moment, even once, SLIGHTLY bored with it. It’s indescribable. The guy wants this to be his masterwork and based on this? It will be. I gotta ask, which fight did you enjoy more? Adolin vs Sadeas’ Shardbearers, or the last one at the end? Most folk I know are obsessed with the first, and I can see why, BUT the second is a fight I have literally been waiting for since The Way of Kings. And it delivered, in spadeloads.

    • Thanks for you comments, I did like the fight at the end that was just awsome!!!, the challenge duels and the way Andolin and Sadeas intereacted really set the stage well for that final moment, i also really liked the fight between Kaladin and Zseth as well at the end flying high above the clouds

      • Rabindranauth says:

        Even though on hindsight it definitely built up to that moment, I still didn’t see it coming, with Adolin and Sadeas 😀

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